FAU Consumer Information

Prospective Students

  1. Information on financial assistance available to students enrolled in the school: http://www.fau.edu/finaid/typesofaid/
  2. Information on the school:  http://www.fau.edu/student/ http://www.fau.edu/president/search/profile/students.php
  3. Information about students rights under FERPA:   http://www.fau.edu/registrar/FERPA.php
  4. Notice about the availability of the institution’s annual campus security report:  http://www.fau.edu/police/Clery.pdf.
  5. The institutions completion or graduation rate, and, if applicable, it transfer-our-rate:   http://www.fau.edu/bot/meetings/04_16_2013_committee_meetings/strategic_planning/A1.pdf .
  6. Information about athletic program participation rates and financial support:  http://fausports.cstv.com/sports/m-basebl/fau-m-basebl-body.html or  http://wise.fau.edu/finaid/typesofaid/athletics.php.

Prospective Student Athletes

  1. Completion and graduation rates of student athletes: http://www.fau.edu/bot/meetings/04_16_2013_committee_meetings/strategic_planning/A1.pdf


  1. Drug and alcohol prevention information pursuant to Public Law 101-226:  http://www.fau.edu/shs/healthinfo/Internet-resources.php#A3 .

The General Public

  1. Athletic program participation rates and financial support: http://wise.fau.edu/finaid/faqs/athleticfaqs.phpor  http://wise.fau.edu/finaid/typesofaid/athletics.php or  http://www.fau.edu/bot/meetings/04_16_2013_committee_meetings/strategic_planning/A1.pdf .

Currently Enrolled Student and Current Employees

  1. The institutions annual campus security report in its entirety: http://www.fau.edu/police/Clery.pdf

Currently Enrolled Students

  1. Information on financial assistance available to students enrolled in the school:  www.fau.edu/finaid/typesofaid/. 

  2. Information on the school:  http://www.fau.edu/student/

  3. The institution’s completion or graduation rate: http://www.fau.edu/iea/factbook/grate11.pdf .

  4. Information about students’ rights under FERPA: http://www.fau.edu/registrar/FERPA.php .

  5. Information about athletic program participation rates and financial support:  http://wise.fau.edu/finaid/faqs/athleticfaqs.php or  http://wise.fau.edu/finaid/typesofaid/athletics.php or  http://www.fau.edu/bot/meetings/04_16_2013_committee_meetings/strategic_planning/A1.pdf .

  6. Information on how students can obtain or purchase required books and supplies and how the student may opt out:  http://www.fau.edu/finaid/loans/stl.php.

  7. Information about FSA eligibility for Student Abroad students:  http://www.fau.edu/finaid/pdf/sa_brochure.pdf.

  8. Information about private loans:  http://www.fau.edu/finaid/loans/altloan.php.

Everyone Who Requests Information About Employment at the University

  1. Availability of the annual campus security report: http://www.fau.edu/police/Clery.pdf.

  2. School policies on transfer of credit, including the criteria it uses regarding the transfer of credit earned at another school, and a list of any schools with which it has established an articulation agreement,   http://www.fau.edu/admissions/link.php or http://www.fau.edu/registrar/tsm.php.

  3. Information on student body diversity in the categories of gender and ethnicity of enrolled, full-time students who receive Federal Pell Grants, http://www.fau.edu/president/files/diversity_report06.pdf.

  4. Information on placement of and types of employment obtained by graduates of the school’s degree or certificate programs:  http://www.fldoe.org/fetpip/pdf/1011pdf/sus1011b.pdf (Page 4).

  5. Information on the types of graduate and professional education in which graduates of the school’s 4-year degree programs enrolled:  http://www.fau.edu/iea/factbook/trangrad12f.pdf

  6. Retention rates of certificate- or degree-seeking first-time fulltime undergraduate students:       http://www.fau.edu/iea/cds/cds1112.pdf (located at the bottom of the page)

  7. The school’s missing persons procedures and the student’s option to designate a contact person (see Chapter 3): http://www.fau.edu/police/clery.php.

  8. Emergency response and evacuation procedures to reach students and staff:    http://www.fau.edu/police/clery.php.

  9. The school’s fire safety report (discussed in more detail later in this chapter):      http://wise.fau.edu/facilities/ehs/HEOA.pdf.

  10. School policies regarding all vaccinations:   http://www.fau.edu/shs/additional/imm_policy.php .

  11. Policies and sanctions related to copyright infringement and liabilities students may face for unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials:  http://www.fau.edu/policies/files/12.4%20Digital%20Millennium%20Copyright%20Act%20FINAL%205-11%20CLEANUP%2011-12.pdf or http://www.library.fau.edu/policies/pubpol/copyrigh.htm.



  1. Textbook Information (ISBN) International Standard Book Number:  .http://fau.bncollege.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/TBWizardView?catalogId=10001&storeId=23051&langId=-1
  2. Short Term Advances:  Exceptions to the non-refundable processing fee may be made for Pell Grant eligible students whose Title IV aid results in a credit balance after tuition & fees have been paid:  http://www.fau.edu/finaid/loans/stl_terms.php.


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