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Writing for Nonprofits

On Wednesday February 4, Wendy Friswell, Executive Director of the Spirit of Giving Network, presented for students in ENC 4354: Writing for Nonprofits. The Spirit of Giving Network is a collaborative nonprofit organization that brings other nonprofits and their communities together to share resources and knowledge. SoGN aims to improve the lives of local children, families and individuals. After introducing the students to SoGN, she talked about the various programs she organizes and went through her history with the students. They learned about the ins and outs of both the organization and the person behind it. In closing, she stressed that the students (a majority of whom are English majors) should use their placements in nonprofits to develop strong writing skills and to collaborate among themselves. Amir Khan is working with Wendy this semester, primarily on a short story project that will not only demonstrate the impact of nonprofits but hopefully leave an impact on the reader, as well.

Writing for Nonprofits


Lawrence A. Sanders Recipients

Sanders recipients 2014
MFA students: Kim Grabenhorst, Kathryn McLaughlin, Monique McIntosh, Ian Rice, Jamie White, and Peter Zappardo.  

Writing Program Awards

Congratulations to our GTA’s and undergraduate students for their victories in the Writing Program Awards as voted upon by the Writing Committee and their outgoing leader Barclay Barrios.

—Gyasi Byng, Outstanding GTA

—Mary Bogue, Most Promising GTA

—Ashis Mohanty, “Lost in Translation,” Best Essay in LIT 20XX — Julianne Curran, Instructor

—Christopher Minasi, “Human and Nonhuman,” Best Essay in ENC 110X, Fall 13 — Marianna Gleyzer, Instructor

—Becca Wexelman, “Eating Ethics,” Best Essay in ENC 110X, Spring 14 — Kathleen Moorehead, Instructor

Congrats to all!  And thanks to the Writing Committee for making some difficult decisions.


Lawrence A. Sanders Fellows in Creative Writing

Lawrence A. Sanders Fellows in Creative Writing
(Left to Right) Monique McIntosh, Kim Grabenhorst, Dan Brede (trustee, Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation), Ian Rice, Jamie White

The Lawrence A. Sanders Fellows in Creative Writing is very competitive. Each year, second and first year MFA student fiction and poetry writers are selected.

Lawrence A. Sanders Writer-In-Residence: Tayari Jones

Tayari Jones

Tayari Jones

Lawrence Sanders Writers-In-Residence

Lawrence S. Sanders Writer-In-Residence

Spelling Bee: English Faculty vs. English Students

The English Club would like to congratulate Professor Becka McKay for winning the Spelling Bee! It was a fierce competition and the winning word was Thalassophobia.

Professor Becka McKay and English Club President Danielle Fontana
Professsor Mckay and English Club President Danielle Fontana

Spelling Bee
There was a full house at the Spelling Bee!

Spelling Bee
Student competitor, Cameron McCaffrey, made it to the challenge round.

Professor Mckay and Terry Light
Professor McKay congratulates Terry White for coming in 2nd place.



Timothy Donnelly (2014 Bingham Visiting Writer)

Timothy Donnelly


Sigma Tau Delta Night of Creative Reading

Donovan Ortega, Host/President
Donovan Ortega  
Risa Shiman reading A Bridezilla of a Different Color
Risa Shiman
Jamie White reading poems, How to Talk with more than Words, and When She First Spoke
Jamie White
Monique McIntosh reading Bank of Paradise
Monique McIntosh


Professor Taylor Hagood selected to serve as German Research Ambassador
Professor Taylor Hagood has been selected to serve as a research ambassador for the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for 2013-14. DAAD is the German national agency for the support of international academic cooperation. To read the entire press release, please visit this link, http://www.fau.edu/mediarelations/releases1013/101312.php



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