A Welcome from the Interim Director

Dr. David Kalinich The field of criminology and criminal justice has changed dramatically since the events of 9/11. We now have new cabinet level government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, and the fields of law enforcement, intelligence and the practice of law have opened up career opportunities for students that did not previously exist. The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees for pre-professionals who plan to enter the work force as law enforcement officers, correction officials, victim advocates, probation and parole officers, juvenile justice administrators and attorneys. The programs also assist professionals already working in the field to advance their careers by completing their undergraduate degree or by obtaining a Masters degree. The faculty, many of whom have had practitioner experience in a number of criminal justice agencies, are committed to assisting students in successfully achieving degrees which will directly enhance their career goals.

I, along with all of our criminology and criminal justice faculty, invite you to visit our campus, talk with our faculty and advisers, and apply for a degree that will help you make a difference in the complex world in which we currently live.