Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How do I sign up for Personal Training?

A:  To sign up for Personal Training, students and Rec Members need to visit the Membership Office at the Recreation and Fitness Center. You may not call to register it is a mandatory “walk-in” registration policy. At this time, the prospective client will review the training packages available, complete paperwork and pay for the selected package. To save time, the prospective client may request necessary paperwork and complete prior to coming into the office to sign up.  Paperwork requests can be made by contacting the Membership Office at (561) 297-4512 or


Q: May I purchase a Personal Training package without being a student or Rec Member?

:  No. All clients must be currently enrolled students or Rec Members in order to purchase and utilize personal training sessions. All Recreation memberships must be current in order to participant in personal training.


Q: May I request a specific Personal Trainer?

A: Students and Rec Members may request a specific Personal Trainer; however, we cannot guarantee an exact match.  The personal training staff will do its best to pair trainers and clients appropriately based on goals, availability and client preference.


Q: May I upgrade my Personal Training package after I have already started sessions with my trainer?

A:  A client may choose to “upgrade” his or her personal training package at any point prior to using 50% of the sessions purchased.  At this point, the client will pay the difference between the original and upgraded package.  After using 50% of the sessions purchased, a client must complete the initial package prior to purchasing additional sessions. 


Q: After I finish my Personal Training package, may I purchase additional sessions with the same trainer?

A:  Yes.  You will be required to complete another “Personal Training Agreement” form and make the payment to the Membership Office.  Once payment is received, training sessions may resume.


Q:  How many times per week do I meet with my trainer?

A:  Personal Trainers will make recommendations to clients based on goals and time constraints; however, it is ultimately up to the client to decide how many times per week to meet.  Training schedules are typically discussed between the trainer and client during the initial consultation before the first training session.


Q: If I graduate or move, will I be reimbursed for unused sessions?

A:  All Personal Training packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Clients will not be reimbursed for unused sessions. Sessions will expire 12 months after purchase date.


Q: What happens if I miss a scheduled session with my personal trainer?

A: If a trainer is not notified at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule a session, the session will count against the client’s package.

 Last Modified 12/18/14