The Department of Campus Recreation must receive this Cancellation Form to formally cancel your membership.

Monthly Memberships If you wish to cancel,  you must do so by the 15th of the month prior to the month you wish to cancel to avoid being charged for the next month. A patron must also fulfill at least 3 months of the membership to avoid a cancellation fee. If you cancel before the first three billing cycles, a $30 cancellation fee will be assessed.  Example: If a cancellation form is submitted on June 14, the patron will have access to the facility until June 30, and will not be charged for July (If at least three months have been fulfilled). If the form is submitted on June 16, the patron will be charged for the month of July, have access to the facility until July 31, and will not be charged for August.

Annual Memberships (not payroll deduction) : After fulfilling the first year of a membership, a patron can cancel at anytime without a cancellation fee. If they cancel before the first year, a $30 cancellation fee will be assessed. A refund will be process for the remainder of the membership if the patron decides to cancel after the first year. A refund form must be submitted to process the request. 

Annual Membership (payroll deduction) : At the end of the 12-month agreement, if the patron wishes to cancel, they must submit a cancellation form to the membership office. A patron must fulfill equal numbers of deductions as months they have utilized the facility. Therefore, based on the date that the cancellation form is submitted, deductions might not stop right away. To ensure that a deduction is not taken out for the next month, cancellation forms must be submitted by the 15th of the month prior to ending.  No cancellation fees will be charged after the 12-month agreement has been fulfilled. If you do wish to cancel your membership before your first 12-months, a $30 cancellation fee will be assessed. 


Refunds are processed on a case by case basis, typically for a medical reason or extenuating circumstances. For medical reasons, we ask that you please provide written documentation from a doctors office showing proof of that, and turn that into the Membership Office. Refunds will not be processed due to lack of use of the membership.

For more information on the Cancellation and Refund Policies, please contact Jeana Carow, the Coordinator of Facilities at

 Last Modified 11/24/14