Below you will find the media policies for usage of camcorders and cameras in the facility.

Media Policies

  1. Requests for photography or video of Campus Recreation participants or facilities must be made in advance to the Coordinator of Marketing and Member Services via email.
  2. The following form must be turned in at least 24 hours in advance with the request.
  3. Each individual in the picture or video must have a signed waiver and the Membership Office must obtain a copy of such forms.
  4. Photographic devices may not be used in the locker rooms and restrooms.  Personal privacy of participants must be respected, and participants can decline to be included in shots.
  5. A Campus Recreation staff member must supervise any recording or photography in the Recreation and Fitness Center.
  6. All other media issues/requests fall under the Office of Media Relations policies.


University Media Policies: Reporting and Filming on Campus
News Crews
FAU welcomes the media to its campuses, centers and other locations. Members of the press are encouraged to contact the Office of University Communications before arriving at FAU. Prior clearance is needed to conduct interviews, to film or photograph inside campus buildings, residence halls/facilities, classrooms, or other restricted areas. Access to all locations may not be available at all times.

Commercial Crews
Commercial and student crews interested in filming on any of FAU's campuses should contact the Office of University Communications for permission and guidelines. Requests should be submitted in writing several weeks prior to the requested date, since proper paperwork, documentation, and review by other departments may be required.

The Office of University Communications may be reached at 561-297-3020. News crews should be directed to Lisa Metcalf. Commercial crews should be directed to Diego Meeroff. Please note that University policies and regulations remain in effect at all times. 

 Last Modified 11/24/14