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All schedules, rosters and standings will now be viewed through IM Leagues.  All Intramural Sports participants must create an account in order to participate.  Please view instructions below to sign up, and then visit IMLeagues.com.

How to create an IM Leagues account  

As of July 1, 2011, Intramural Sports is also requiring a forfeit deposit for all league sports.  This charge will only occur if your team fails to show up for a scheduled game.  The forfeit deposit is designed to reduce forfeits and improve the overall experience for our participants.  For more information on the forfeit deposit, please visit the IM FAQ page.


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Havoc on the

January 7

January 17  January 17

SoFlo Basketball  Invitational

January 7

January 17 January 25

5-on-5 Basketball League

January 7

 January 16 January 27

7-on-7 Outdoor Soccer League

January 7

January 16

January 27

  Kickball Tournament

January 7

January 22

January 23

5-on-5 Arena Flag Football League

February 11

March 12

March 17

Softball League

February 11

March 12 March 13

4-on-4 Flag Football

March 17

April 2 April 8

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