Henderson Rec Field


This 6.5 acre outdoor field complex is home to the FAU Intramural Sports and Club Sports programs.   Weekly events scheduled events include Intramural Sports flag football and soccer leagues, ultimate frisbee tournaments and club rugby and lacrosse practices and competitions.   Please see the Intramural Sports and/or Club Sports websites for more information on these programs.



  1. The Henderson Rec Fields will be reserved for A.D. Henderson School until 5:30pm Monday - Friday.  The Facility will be closed during these designated times.
  2. In order to use the Henderson Rec Fields you must obtain a Facility Use Permit from the Department of Campus Recreation.
  3. Unauthorized use of the facility is prohibited and considered trespassing.
  4. FAU Owl cards may be verified at anytime by Campus Recreation staff, A.D. Henderson School staff, FAU PD and/or other University officials.
  5. Pets, golfing, glass products, smoking, and smokeless tobacco are not permitted in the complex. Bikes must be placed in designated racks.
  6. Vehicle traffic other than Gators/golf carts designed for maintenance is prohibited.
  7. Any person engaging in disorderly or unsportsmanlike conduct shall be removed by Campus Recreation staff, FAU PD and/or other University officials.
  8. Facility is to be used for its design.  Activities deemed dangerous, improper or violate the designated/intended use are prohibited. 
  9. Appropriate attire is mandatory at all times.
  10. Goals and other equipment may not be moved without permission of Campus Recreation staff. 
  11. Please be courteous and place trash in appropriate containers.
  12. Any misuse or vandalism of the Henderson Rec Fields or equipment should be reported immediately to Campus Recreation staff, A.D. Henderson School staff, or called in to FAU PD at (561) 297-3500.
  13. Users are responsible for their own safety while using the Henderson Rec Field and assume all risks associated with outdoor recreation activities. 
 Last Modified 1/28/15