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Study Abroad Programs

In collaboration with the Office of International Programs, the College offers six summer Study Abroad Programs.  Studying abroad may be a defining moment in your educational career and life. Study abroad allows you to explore other cultures, languages, cuisines, and potentially inspire you towards a new career path, while making new friends and experiencing the world.  Scholarships available, learn more, here:  Study Abroad Scholarship announcement;   application form  

Fukuoka, Japan Fukuoka, Japan
Fukuoka is the capital of Fukuoka Prefecture and is located on the northern shore of the island of Kyushu. It is a young, user-friendly city made up of seven districts. Fukuoka is the center of government, economics, culture, and fashion for Kyushu. It is a city with distinct character, combining the charm of a major metropolis with the beauty of Hakata Bay, along with the rich and vibrant culture and tradition that has evolved over centuries. For more information, contact  Sumiko Uo, at 561-297-0303 and suo@fau.edu or Tania Tucker at 561-297-3227 and trtucker@fau.edu . View flyer and syllabus.


Orvieto Orvieto, Italy
Engage all your senses this summer by studying in Orvieto, a city with Etruscan roots positioned on top of a volcanic tufa-stone butte surrounded by a stunning countryside. Orvieto is a charming, historic city located in Umbria, “Italy’s green heart.” An impressive Duomo dominates the skyline and many sites and museums convey the city’s rich history from Etruscan times to the present. Orvieto encompasses all the charm and appeal of a true Italian city without the big city price. Conveniently located halfway between Rome and Florence, the city is the perfect base for exploring Italy and other parts of Europe. For more information, contact Amanda Frederick at 561-297-1080 or afrede11@fau.edu; Dr. Myriam Ruthenberg, Professor of Italian at 561-297-2682 or ruthenbe@fau.edu  or Ms. Angel DiCosola, Professor of Visual Arts at 561-297-3870 or mdicosol@fau.edu. View flyer. NEXT CALL-OUT: Thursday, February 6, 2014 from 12-1 pm, General Classroom South (GS) 209C



Exploring Ancient Sicily at Palike' 
Program Base: Catania Italy
This program is built around field research at the archaeological site of Rocchicella di Mineo, ancient Palikè, and location of the most important sanctuary of Sicily's indigenous Sikel people. Students will study and assist in fieldwork at the site, which is managed by the Sicilian Regional government through the Archaeological Park of the Calatino, and they will take weekly excursions to important locations on the island, including the ancient cities of Syracuse and Agrigento, as well as the monumental Roman villa at Piazza Armerina. Experience in techniques of archaeological excavation, documentation and the restoration of recovered art and other finds is supplemented by lectures on aspects of Mediterranean history and cultural resource management. For more information, contact Brian E. McConnell at 561-297-3870 and  mcconnel@fau.edu  or Amanda Frederick at 561-297-1080 and  afrede11@fau.edu  
Archaeological Fieldwork in Coastal Ecuador 
The FAU field school attracts a diverse student body from universities and colleges in the U.S., Europe and South America. The academic purpose of FAU’s field school is to train undergraduate and graduate students in archaeological and ethnographic methods. Students gain hands-on experience in anthropology through faculty-supervised research projects that are part of a research program that aims to understand the connections between the prehistoric past and present in terms of South American adaptations to coastal environments. The area of interest is the Pacific coast of Southern Manabí Province, Ecuador. The region is characterized by deep and shallow bays, alluvial valleys, and coastal mountains. Investigations focus on the systematic survey of alluvial valleys and on the excavation of coastal and inland sites. Over the past 15 years, FAU has participated in creating a research infrastructure that few other American universities have in the international arena. Over 200 students have been educated in this program, many of whom use this field program as their entry into the profession of anthropology. For more 
information contact,  Valentina Martinez at 561-297-0991 and  vmartine@fau.edu or Amanda Frederick at 561-297-1080 and  afrede11@fau.edu View the flyer.
Ethnographic Fieldwork in Coastal Ecuador  
This course provides students with an opportunity to learn about village life in a coastal Ecuadorian village. The emphasis is on putting anthropological methods and theories into practice through participation in a supervised fieldwork setting. Participants have the latitude to focus their studies on topics that they find interesting in the field, although it is encouraged for students to find topics that are meaningful to the local community and their efforts and development. In past years, students have focused on some of the following topics and produced fine studies: women's roles, agriculture, fishing, young men's groups, education, health and disease, childbirth, evangelism, and masculinity. There is still plenty of work to accomplish on each of these and a wide array of topics that haven't yet been explored. Student participants come from diverse universities and backgrounds and have diverse interests. Some, but not all, are anthropology majors. Some speak Spanish well, while others struggle with speaking and comprehending. The most important qualities required are a willingness to place oneself in situations that demand concentration and alertness and a willingness to interact with others in new ways. For more information, contact
 Michael S. Harris at 561-297-3233 and  mharris@fau.edu  or Amanda Frederick at 561-297-1080 and  afrede11@fau.edu View the flyer.

Berlin, Germany 
This course explores the culture of past and present Berlin through its literature, urban sites and relevant cultural events and is recommended for students interested in German literature, culture and society. With Berlin as the classroom, students will have a first-hand experience of the city’s present day cultural life and simultaneously be able to explore the cultural commemoration of its past.
For more information, contact  Evelyn Trotter at 561-297-1294 and  etrotter@fau.edu or Tania Tucker at 561-297-3227 and trtucker@fau.edu  View the flyer.

Madrid, Spain 
Students benefit from a project-based cultural studies approach that will enhance their Spanish language skills through a combination of tailored and intensive language and culture courses. Students will experience the Madrileño lifestyle while alternating excursions, courses, time spent with their host family, as well as time dedicated to individual assignments dealing with Spanish history, arts and culture. For more information, contact  Tania Tucker at 561-297-3227 and  trtucker@fau.edu or Frédéric Conrod at 561-297-3313 and  fconrod@fau.edu  

Venice, Italy 
Venice’s nicknames include “Queen of the Adriatic”, “City of Water”, “City of Bridges”, and “The City of Light.” Spend your summer experiencing and living La Dolce Vita in one of Italy’s most famous cities. Tour some of the world’s most treasured sites outside of the tourist’s routes. Planned excursions include the Venetian Villas along the Brenta Canal by boat, the Dolomiti Mountains with a nature walk, and a boat tour of the Venetian lagoon. This program provides students with the opportunity to learn Italian language and culture through full immersion while discovering the monuments and artwork the city offers. Studying in Venice gives students a sensation of living in a place out of this world - no streets, no cars, no noise, only footsteps and water reflections in every corner. For more information, contact  Amanda Frederick, at 561-297-1080 and afrede11@fau.edu or Ilaria Serra at 561-297-3623 and iserra1@fau.edu View the flyer.  

Arrangements for study abroad take time, the ideal time to study abroad is sophomore or junior year. Please plan to speak with an advisor within your program ahead of time to determine if the opportunity can apply to your academic program.  

For more information about Study Abroad Programs at FAU, please visit the  Office of International Programs .

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