BFA in Graphic Design

The BFA in Graphic Design is a specialized degree primarily in one studio art discipline. Students must pass a portfolio review for admission to the BFA program.

Transfer work to be credited toward the degree must be evaluated by the Chair of the Department.

Program Requirements

Please consult FAU Catalog Course Descriptions for information about courses and their prerequisites.

Core Program Prerequisites (26 credits/seven courses)

ARH 2050        Art History Survey 1 (pass/fail not permitted), 3 credits

ARH 2051        Art History Survey 2 (pass/fail not permitted), 3 credits

ART 1201C     Design, 3 credits

ART 1203C     Three-Dimensional Design, 3 credits

ART 1300C     Drawing I, 3 credits
ART 2600C     Introduction to Digital Art, 3 credits prereq:  ART 1201C
GRA 2190C    Visual Design Lab I, 4 credits prereq: ART 1201C, 1300C, 2600C
GRA 2208C    Typographic Design Lab 1, 4 credits prereq: ART 1201C, 1203C, 1300C, 2600C, GRA 2190C

Portfolio Review – students are advised to submit their portfolio for review during the last semester of their core program.

Required Courses in Graphic Design (24 credits/6 courses)

These courses must be taken in sequence. Plan carefully.

GRA 3193C    Visual Design Lab 2, 4 credits prereq: GRA 2190C, 2208C - Co-requisite GRA 3112
GRA 3112C    Typographic Design Lab 2, 4 credits prereq: GRA 2190C, 2208C

GRA  4194      Visual Design Lab 3, 4 credits prereq:  GRA 3112C, 3193C, for Graphic Design majors only
GRA 4183       Typographic Design lab 3, 4 credits prereq:  GRA 3112C, for Graphic Design majors only
GRA 4115C    Visual Design Lab 4, 4 credits prereq: GRA 3112C, 3193C, 4194C

GRA 4521C    Interactive Design Lab 1, 4 credits prereq:  GRA 2190C, 2208C, 2600C

In-Concentration Design Electives (4 credits/1 course)

GRA 3102C    Principles of Visual Communication, 4 credits, prereq:  GRA 2190C, 2208C, 3112C or permission of the instructor

GRA 4522C    Interactive Design Lab 2, 4 credits, prereq:  GRA 3112C, 4521C, Graphic Design majors only

GRA 3174C    Poster Design, 4 credits, prereq:  GRA 3193C

GRA 3435C    Technology Intensive (take the necessary courses in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Fireworks), 1 - 4 credits prereq ART2600C

GRA 4932C    Special Topics in Graphic Design prereq:  permission of the instructor.

Out-of-Concentration Studio Art Electives (8 credits/2 courses from 2 different disciplines excluding Graphic Design courses)

ART 2400C     Printmaking 1, 4 credits, prereq:  ART 1201C, 1300C

ART 2500C     Painting, 4 credits, prereq:  ART 1201C, 1300C, 2600C or permission of the instructor.

ART 3383C     Narrative Drawing, 4 credits, prereq:  ART 1201C, 1300C, 2330C

ART 2751C     Ceramics - Beginning Wheel, 4 credits, prereq:  ART 1201C, 1203C, 1300C

ART 3764C     Ceramics - Handbuilding 1, 4 credits, prereq:  ART 1201C, 1203C, 1300C

PGY 2800C     Digital Photography 1, 4 credits, prereq:  ART 1201C

PGY 4822C     Digital Photography 2, 4 credits, prereq:  ART 1201C, PGY 2800C

PGY 3821C     Applied Digital Photography, 4 credits, prereq:  ART 1201C, PGY 2800C

ART 3161C     Alternative Media, 4 credits, prereq:  ART 1201C, 1300C, 2330, 2205C/2600C

ART 4173C     Handmade Books (or Art Journaling), 4 credits, prereq:  ART 1201C, 1300C, 2205C/2600C or permission of the department.

ART 4955C     BFA Senior Seminar, 4 credit (Plan carefully: Senior Seminar is offered only in Fall and Spring terms. The Department requires that students take this course in the last semester of degree course work.)

Be sure that you have completed the prerequisites for each of the courses that you are planning to take. Check the prerequisites in the Department of Visual Arts and Art History section of the FAU catalog. 

Broward campus students may make an appointment on the Davie campus with the Arts & Letters Student Academic Services for advisement.

Art History (minimum of 8 credits/two courses at the 4000 level); Prerequisite: Art History Survey 1 and Art History Survey 2.

ARH 4724    History of Graphic Design, 4 credits Required
ARH 4450    Modern Art, 4 credits (recommended)

Transfer students should note that at least 75% of all upper-division courses for the BFA must be taken in the Department of Visual Arts and Art History at FAU. 


Foreign Language Requirement

The language requirement for the BFA degree has two components:

(1) State law requires that all FAU graduates meet the Foreign Language Entry Requirement. This can be met with two years of the same language at secondary (high school) level or two semesters of the same language (or demonstration of equivalent proficiency) at the college level. The state of Florida mandates the acceptance of American Sign Language for this requirement.

(2) BFA students who enter FAU with fewer than 30 credits must meet the University Foreign Language Graduation Requirement. The Foreign Language Graduation Requirement is a proficiency requirement. It can be met by successfully completing the second semester (e.g., FRE 1121) of any foreign language at the college level or by demonstrating equivalent proficiency. (Note: American Sign Language proficiency does not satisfy this requirement.) If you took a language in high school and have sufficient proficiency in it to take the second semester of it at the college level (for example, FRE 1121), the successful completion of that single course will meet the requirement. If you believe that your proficiency is equivalent to that attained by the end of the second semester course in a language (e.g., FRE 1121), you may take a proficiency exam. If you wish to be assessed for your proficiency in French, German, or Spanish, you can contact University Testing and Evaluation ( Boca campus 561-297-3160 or Davie campus 954-236-1220) for information about how to register for a CLEP exam. For information about proficiency assessment for all other languages, contact the Department of Languages, Linguistics and Comparative Literature (561-297-3860, Boca Raton campus). Only the CLEP exam will generate college credit.

BFA students who are admitted to FAU with 30 or more credits only need to meet the Foreign Language Entry Requirement (#1, above); however, those transfer and other students who have not met the Foreign Language Entry Requirement must meet the requirement in order to graduate.

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