Core Curriculum Committees

Purpose of the Core Curriculum
FAU believes that higher education should go well beyond the preparation of individuals for demanding careers in their chosen fields.  It should also provide broad intellectual enrichment through systematic exposure to a diversity of academic experiences. The purpose of the Core Curriculum...... click here to read more.

Former Core Curriculum Committee
Bill Bosshardt; Jerry Haky; Eric Hanne; Michael Harrawood; Lee Klingler; Tim Lenz; Cliff McCue; Maria Petrie; Ed Pratt (chair); Debbie Thomas; Mike Brady; Mike Harrawood; Dan Murtaugh

Former Core Curriculum Task Force
Edward Pratt,Dean, Undergraduate Studies, CCTF Chair
Marina Banchetti, Chair & Associate Professor, Philosophy
Susannah Brown, Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education
Oliver Buckton, Associate Professor, English
Fred Fejes, Professor, Communication
Jeff Galin, Associate Professor of English
Mary Ann Gosser Esquilin, Professor, Languages & Linguistics
Paul Hart, Chair & Professor, Information Tech. & Operations Mgmt.            
Mark Jackson, Associate Professor, Chemistry 
Robin Jordan, Professor, Physics
Lee Klingler, Professor, Mathematics
Tim Lenz, Professor, Political Science 
Cliff McCue, Associate Professor, Public Administration 
Maria Petrie, Associate Dean, College of Engineering 
Don Torok, Associate Dean, Exercise Science & Wellness
Debbie Raines, Professor, Nursing 
Allen Smith, Associate Professor, Marketing
Miguel Vazquez, Assistant Professor, Honors College




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