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Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Student Support Services Bldg., (SU 80), room 216
Phone: 561-297-2126


Dr. Edward E. Pratt, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning - 561-297-2126 or - SU 216
Dr. Jennifer Bebergal, Assistant Dean for Retention and Academic Support, Center for Learning And Student Success in the Center for Teaching and Learning - 561-297-2432 or - GS 223
Dr. Cathy Meschievitz, Director, International Programs - 561-297-1039 or - GS 212
Dr. Roger Goldwyn, Director, Math Learning Center in the Center for Teaching and Learning - 561-297-2487 or - GS 211
Dr. Anthony Ambrosio, Director of Assessment for Undergraduate Programs - 561-297-4560 or - GS 209B
Dr. Donna Chamely-Wiik, Director, Quality Enhancement Plan and Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry - 561-297-1019 or - GS 209H
Dr. Jeff Galin, Director, University Center for Excellence in Writing and Writing Across the Curriculum Program in the Center for Teaching and Learning - 561-297-1221 or - GS 215C
Dr. Mary Ann Gosser, University Honors Coordinator and Professor of Languages and Linguistics - 561-297-0612 or
Dr. Jess Tuck, Director, Academic Coaching and Career Enhancement for Student Success (ACCESS)  - 561-297-2072 or - SU 201
Mr. Marlon Dechausay, Director, Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence - 561-297-6957 or - AC 112
Mr. Joe Murray, Director, University Advising Services - 561-297-2828 or - SU 201
Mr. Frando Patterson, Director, Testing and Evaluation - 561-297-3162 or - SU 210


          Student Support Services Building, SU 80

                       Florida Atlantic University
                               777 Glades Road
                           Boca Raton, FL 33431





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