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Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Division of Academic Affairs

Dr. Edward E. Pratt, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, SU 216, 561-297-2126,
Dr. Jennifer Bebergal, Assistant Dean for Retention and Academic Support, Center for Learning And Student Success in the Center for Teaching and Learning, GS 223, 561-297-2432,
Cathy Meschievitz, Director, International Programs, GS 212, 561-297-1039,
Dr. Roger Goldwyn, Director, Math Learning Center in the Center for Teaching and Learning, GS 211, 561-297-2487,
Anthony Ambrosio, Director of Assessment for Undergraduate Programs, GS 209B, 561-297-4560,
Dr. Donna Chamely-Wiik, Director, Quality Enhancement Plan and Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry, GS 209H, 561-297-1019,
Dr. Jeff Galin, Director, University Center for Excellence in Writing and Writing Across the Curriculum Program in the Center for Teaching and Learning, GS 215C, 561-297-1221,
Mary Downing Patterson, University Honors Program Advisor, SU 201, 561-297-2396,
Dr. Jess Tuck, Director, Academic Coaching and Career Enhancement for Student Success (ACCESS), SU 227, 561-297-2072,
Marlon Dechausay, Director, Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence, AC 112, 561-297-6957,
Joeseph Murray, Director, University Advising Services, SU 201, 561-297-2828,
Frando Patterson, Director, Testing and Evaluation, SU 210, 561-297-3160,
Leigh Remy, Director of Faculty/Staff Mentoring, GS 225, 561-297-4809, or


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          Student Support Services Building, SU 80                                                                                                                                   General Classrooms South, GS 2

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