General Education Course Approval Request Foundations in Global Citizenship

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FAU students live in a region that is increasingly diverse as a consequence of immigration and international connections. They live in a world in which individuals, societies, and governments are becoming more and more interconnected across national boundaries. To succeed in this world, students must have an understanding of diverse national and regional cultures and interests; they must understand the challenges and necessity of being able to communicate across these diverse cultures; they must understand the global forces that shape societies and nations and the relationships between and among them; they must have an awareness of global connectedness and interdependence, understanding how their actions can affect other peoples and places.
Learning outcomes are associated with each category of the Intellectual Foundations Program. For each learning outcome listed below, please describe how and where the course will meet each learning outcome. In other words, provide the Core Curriculum Committee a “road map” of where each outcome can be found in the course content and how it will be measured. Some outcomes might be readily seen in student papers or exams. Other outcomes, might be measured by projects, class discussions, portfolios, field experience, presentations for example. Your responses below need not be lengthy, but you should be as explicit as possible.
Learning outcome #1 - Students will: be able to describe the origins and consequences of different individual, cultural, and national identities.
Learning outcome #2 - Students will: be able to describe the economic, political, environmental, and/or social processes that influence human events across place and time.
Learning outcome #3 - Students will: be able to describe causes and consequences of interaction between and among cultures, societies and nations.
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