Spring 2014 Writing Workshops

Writing Workshops are in GS 214B from 2:30 pm - 3:30 PM


Workshops below moderated by Christopher, MFA candidate and GTA in the English Department. Space is limited to 12; reserve your space by clicking the link below: 


Tuesday, January 14: Deconstructing a Text

If you find your assigned reading is long and complicated or making absolutely no sense, this workshop will help you.  Providing strategies for breaking a reading down to its bare essentials, students learn how to find the message between the lines and make any reading into an advantage rather than an obstacle for their papers. 

 Tuesday, January 21 : Developing a Thesis

In ENC 1101 and 1102, students learn that a thesis is certainly one of the more important aspects of their writing.  This workshop provides a fail-safe user-friendly formula and clear examples of how strong, college-level thesis statements are achieved. 

Tuesday, January 28 : Incorporating in-text citations, quotes, support

No one wants to get a citation, but using them in college-level papers is an absolute requirement, regardless of the degree you're pursuing.  In this workshop, both ENC 1101 and 1102 students are introduced or re-introduced to the fundamentals of incorporating citations for both MLA and APA styles, in addition to examining the endless and easy-to-use resources for making sure they are correct for your final draft. 

Tuesday, February 4: Sentence Variety

Nobody wants to write a boring paper, and certainly no teacher wants to read one.  By examining the variety of ways in which a sentence can be constructed, students in this workshop are shown how simply and how different a simple or complex thought can be presented, adding some much-needed personality to the page. 

Tuesday, February 11: The Proof of Proofreading

While finishing a paper is certainly a good feeling, proofreading a paper is not as easy as hitting the Spell Check button.  In this workshop, students will see real-life examples of how important reviewing a paper can be as well as learn tips for not only correcting a paper's errors but improving them to a higher level. 



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Steps to sign up for a Workshop:

1. Click the link above to go to online appointment scheduler. Log in with your user name and Z#.
2. Click "Search Availability".
3. Select "Writing Center Workshop" for the Center. Select "Other" for Section. Click "Search".
4. Select the workshop you want to attend and fill out the appointment pop up window. You will receive an email confirmation.  

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