Spring 2015 Writing Workshops


Tuesday, February 24, 2015 - 12:30-1:30, GS214A:  Stop the Insanity! Pre-Writing Strategies that Lead to Organized Papers

  • Join experienced consultant Martha, doctoral candidate in the College of Education, for this unique, interactive workshop where attendees will gain skills in dissecting the language of an essay prompt, identifying a pre-writing strategy that works best for different learning styles, and crafting a guiding thesis and organizational statement. 


Wednesdays, February 25-April 8 - 12:30-1:30: ESL/ELL Series

  • Come and work in a small group setting with UCEW consultant Gabby, a highly effective English graduate student with experience as an instructor and extensive work with ESL/ELL students at the university level. Based on her years of experience, Gabby developed this series to cover many of the problems with American English and writing academic essays that both international students and ESL/ELL students face.


    • Wednesday, February 25:  What Am I Doing? What You Need to Know about American English Writing and Rhetoric
      • Topics include effective essay structures; plagiarism; American standards of correctness for writing about gender, age, disability and race; the writing process; strategies for drafting; using technology; and rhetorical appeals
    • Wednesday, March 11: The Nuts and Bolts of English: Parts of Speech and Standard Sentence Structure
      • Topics focus on grammatical, sentence level constructions including parts of speech; active and passive voice; parallelism; and writing questions.
    • Wednesday, March 18: All the Verbs: What You Need to Know about English Verb Tenses and Forms
      • An intensive look at one of the most complex aspects of English: verb conjugation through the tenses. This session will include focused examples and ample practice.
    • Wednesday, March 25: Write Me Paper Good: Knowing When and How to Use Translators When Writing
      • This session works with common technologies that ESL/ELL writers rely on with strategies for avoiding the pitfalls of translators. 
    • Wednesday, April 1: Noisy Articles: Guidelines for Using the English Definite and Indefinite Articles
      • A, an, or the? Articles are often one of the more complex areas for ESL/ELL learners to master. Gabby will teach attendees about the subtle differences in meaning that these small words can convey with examples and practice. 
    • Wednesday, April 8: Prepositions, Gerunds, and Infinitives, Oh My! How to Use Prepositions Better and How to Avoid Mistakes with Gerunds and Infinitives
      • Like the previous workshop, this session will help students have a better understanding of when and how to use common preposition such as in, on, and at. It will also address the common confusion between using the infinitive form of a verb (with the preposition "to") and the gerund (ending in "ing"). 



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