Can't hear your consultant?

  • Check your speakers/headphones: are they plugged in, turned on, and is the volume at a reasonable level?
  • If you want sound from your speakers, did you make sure that no devices are plugged into a headphone jack on your computer?
  • Check your computer - Do you have the sound muted? Is the Volume at a reasonable level?

Consultant can't hear you?

  • Check your microphone - is it plugged in and turned on?
  • Check your recording devices on your computer (right click the speaker in the lower right hand corner of the screen and click "Recording devices.") Is your microphone enabled and registering sound? Is it muted?

Can't connect with your consultant?

  • Did you open Skype and sign in to your account?
  • Did you check to ensure that you gave the consultant your correct Skype name when scheduling your appointment?
  • Are you connected to the internet?
  • Is Skype updated to the lastest version?

If you are experiencing a more difficult problem, please refer to the official Skype support guide: Official Skype Support Guide.

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