Boca Raton Campus Consultants:


Hello, fellow students. I have broad interdisciplinary experience in the social sciences, including a masters in communication, and a doctorate in sociology from Boston University. So I welcome anyone working both on beginning and advanced projects in any of the social sciences. In addition to scholarly research, I have also written fiction, poetry, and screen and stage plays (and even written a song or two!). But my first love (well, aside from my family) is barber shop harmony. I could sing it all day. I hope to work with you soon.


Anthony is a first year MFA candidate in Fiction.  He graduated with honors from the College of Staten Island in New York with a degree in Literature.  He is currently a graduate teaching assistant for ENC 1101.  Anthony is fluent in MLA format and can help organize thoughts, generate ideas/develop a solid thesis, identify patterns of grammatical error, and build confidence in the writing process.   


Greetings scholars! My name is Ashely, and it is my pleasure to assist budding writers with their assignments. My goal as a consultant is to encourage you throughout the entire writing process and equip you with skills that you can use on your own to become (even more) successful. I would be more than happy to help you better understand the prompt, brainstorm, outline, or learn any revising techniques. I am most knowledgeable in the following:MLA style, research papers,(most) ENC 1101 and 1102 essays, and analyzing literary techniques (especially symbolism). I hold a bachelor degree in English, and I am currently working towards my masters in English.I am extremely patient so if you want to come in to brainstorm, or if you have difficulties with the English language come see me. I don't want writing to feel like a chore for you; I want you to enjoy it as much as I do (sometimes).


Hello, my name is Austin Lang, and I'm in the Master of English program here at FAU. I love literature, brainstorming, and any papers that involve critical analysis of a text or work of art. If you've got no idea how to dissect a text, I'm your guy! I'm also pretty good with some of the more abstract challenges that come with writing, like structuring resumes for maximum impact, or figuring out how to frame a presentation. 


Hello! I’m Cailley. I recently completed my undergraduate degree from Central Michigan University with an English major and Communications minor. I decided I was tired of the cold Michigan winters, and made my way to Florida. I am currently working towards an English M.A. with a Science Fiction concentration here at FAU. My interests include reading, writing, health, fitness, science, technology, travel, and much more. I am familiar with MLA and APA citation styles. I look forward to working with you!


While I am new to Florida, I am not new to writing. I have been exercising reading and writing skills at the college level for six years straight, and I am happily still practicing! Some of my strengths include close-reading analysis, outlining, organizing, and thesis development. Composition is like a puzzle; I will be thrilled to help you learn strategies for gathering the pieces (words and ideas) and arranging them together effectively. My goals as a consultant are to help you grow as a writer and to ensure that you leave a consultation knowing the next steps to take on the work-in-progress we discuss. My B.A is in English literature, and I have experience as a composition instructor at Rutgers University. I am writing my master’s thesis on depictions of public ceremony in late medieval poetry. Additional specialties include play scripts, cover letters, and resumes.


Greetings! I am on the verge of graduating with a BA in English from FAU with honors in English and Creative Writing. I am happy and comfortable working on anything from a ten-page academic paper to a poem for a creative writing workshop. Currently, I am working on an undergraduate thesis on Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, and am analyzing the text using gender studies. I’m most familiar with the Modern, Medieval, and Victorian eras. I’m also an avid lover of queer, gender, and sexuality studies. Really, I’m an avid lover of all things literary, so come in with a draft or text or assignment, and I’ll help you with revision, breaking down the reading, and generating ideas. 


I have always had a passion for writing from a young age. I graduated with a BA in English and a BA in Criminal Justice, a Minor in Sociology, and a Concentration in American Literature. I focused a great deal of my studies on improving my writing skills, and would like to now help you improve yours. As a former student, I understand the difficulties students face when they receive that essay prompt or assignment and just do not know where to begin. Sometimes sitting down, talking about it and hearing your thoughts aloud can help significantly, so I am here to listen and offer insight for your needs. I am very familiar with MLA style and am willing to help you in any stage of the writing process. Whether it is from organizing your train of thought, to crafting your thesis, or finalizing your conclusion, I look forward to assisting you.



I would love to help you with any stage of the writing process! If you are having trouble deciphering a reading, struggling with understanding a paper prompt, blanking on what to write, or are agonizing over drafting or grammar issues, please feel free to schedule an appointment with me! I greatly enjoy discussing class readings as well as dissecting poetry and prose from both the undergraduate and graduate levels. I am very comfortable with all genres of literature as well as a variety of other areas of concentration, such as psychology, sociology, criminology, classics, women's studies, anthropology, law, philosophy and rhetoric, and history. I also LOVE grammar, so if you are a second language student who would like clarification or support in this area, drop on by! Finally, when it comes to format and citation, I can help you with MLA, APA, ASA, Chicago or Turabian, and California. You can either sign-up for an online appointment or come see me in person at the writing center. See you soon!


I hold a B.A. in Individualized Studies from Goddard College, and am currently enrolled in FAU's MFA Creative Writing Program. My poetry and creative non-fiction have appeared in numerous online and print publications. I'm happy to help you with all kinds of things -- generating and organizing ideas, developing a solid thesis, or identifying patterns of grammatical/syntactical error in your work. Let's work together!


As an M.S. student of Environmental Engineering, I specialize in technical and scientific writing including lab reports, research papers, Master’s theses and dissertations. I am able to assist with citation styles common to engineering such as ASME and ASCE. Since I love to read and write within a wide variety of subject areas, including philosophy and literary analysis, I am excited to help you with non-scientific writing as well. I have been a high school science teacher and private tutor for the past 4 years, during which I often helped students become better writers. I love working through ideas with students to help them organize their thoughts and effectively communicate in writing. I look forward to helping you become a better writer for life!


Hey! How are you? If you have made it this far down the list, I am impressed. As far as consulting goes, I am very capable in many areas. In particular, I am an English major who is phenomenal at writing papers and is just as capable at helping you with yours. I have experience ranging from literary analysis to philosophy—and that is all before I worked at a long-standing job writing news articles. Whether you need help with issues like essay construction and thesis development, or any of the many smaller things that you need for your work, I can absolutely help you.


Why is writing so difficult? As writers we often do not know where to start and we can feel lost and confused. I can help you with the various areas in the writing process. Bring in your prompt, materials, and let’s get started! I am familiar with various brainstorming and prewriting techniques which will help you formulate your ideas. Additionally, I am a stickler for a good thesis statement. I enjoy working through the thesis writing process to create a well-developed statement for your paper. Furthermore, I have experience in writing within history and am very familiar with primary sources, historical texts, and Chicago and APA citation styles. I encourage you to come in and see what the UCEW can assist you with!


Hi there! My name is Kristen and I’m a recent graduate from FAU with an English Education major. As teacher with specialization in reading, I get a lot of joy out of helping others through the various stages of their writing process. I am particularly proficient in working with MLA formatting, but I’m happy to offer assistance with any writing task you might have.


Hi, there! My name is Melissa. I graduated with a BA in English from Nova Southeastern University. Currently, I am working on my MA in English, with a concentration in British Literature. With a minor in gender studies and extensive coursework in psychology, sociology, and film, I would be more than happy to help you with writing related to any of these areas. I am most skilled with MLA format and love to help writers at any stage of the writing process, especially brainstorming. My goal as a writing consultant is to not only make the writing process less daunting but also to equip clients with the skills needed to become more critical readers and self-sufficient writers. I look forward to working with you!


¡Hola! Come stai? If you understood those two languages and need help writing in them or in English, come by and let me help you with you paper writing needs. I specialize in Theatre, English, Spanish, and Italian, as well MLA style, so if those are your concerns, or even if they are not, I will be glad to help.


Salut tout le monde! I'm Natalie, a graduate student in the MFA Creative Writing Fiction program and an ENC1101 teacher here at FAU. I have a BA in Comparative Literature (English Lit and French Lit) and a BA in Communications from the University of Michigan, so I'm particularly happy to help with related material. My corporate background is in public relations, so business writing and AP Style (for those of you journalism folks) are also specialty areas for me. I've also worked in MLA Style (English and Literature coursework), APA Style (Communications coursework), and written material in a variety of formats, from web copy and press releases to event scripts and Annual Reviews. Specialties aside, I'm eager to provide a fresh perspective on your writing and empower you to move forward as a reader, thinker, and writer. See you soon!


There once was a study called ‘natural philosophy’, which aimed to know the world, as it truly is. This study no longer exists, because it has since been transformed in the postmodern era, and has now adopted the quaint title of – ‘science.’ Science, of course, is a word of Latin origin that means ‘to know.’ I’m a little different from the others at the writing center in that I’m a bioengineering master’s student. I love learning about the world that I exist in, so it was only natural for my interests to gravitate towards the hard sciences. For this same reason, I love reading about philosophy, and debating philosophical matters as well. Thus, my strengths easily fall under the realm of developing a logical set of arguments, and then encompassing them under a tightly-knit thesis. With this particular skillset, pre-writing papers is a clear specialty of mine. I advise that you come to me for APA styled papers, scientific writing especially, but don’t shy away if you have a more literary query at hand. Either way, I’ll enjoy learning something new with you!


Hi! My name is Nicole. I graduated with a BA in Music Education from Palm Beach Atlantic University. That's right: I'm a music teacher! If you want to make a song request, please add that to the note section when you make an appointment. I'm here to help you with all your writing needs. I'm currently studying Science Fiction/Fantasy in the MA in English Literature program at FAU. This means that I am super nerdy and love when I get nerdy papers. My background in education lends itself nicely to both MLA and APA formatting. I look forward to meeting you and helping you become the best writer you can be. 


Phil is an experienced instructor in Composition, World Literature, and Journalism. He received a B.S in English and MA in Journalism from The Ohio State University. Phil was an Instructor in The Urban Scholars Program and taught Composition at The University of Massachusetts, Boston. For nine years, he was an Adjunct Instructor of English at Florida Atlantic University, teaching sections of ENC 1101 and 1102. Phil has been published in major newspapers and magazines nationwide including The Boston Globe, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Columbus (OH) Citizen Journal, and Parklander Magazine. Currently he is writing website copy for Signature Florida Realty based in Delray Beach. He continues to offer his knowledge and expertise in the Teaching of Writing as a Tutor of English throughout South Florida where he has extensive experience working with Undergraduate and Graduate Students.


Hi I am Reilly! I am an undergraduate at Florida Atlantic University studying English with a concentration in Writing and Rhetoric. Formerly, I was pursuing a degree in Biology, so I am comfortable in the world of science, and like helping with lab reports. While I am now pursuing the world of writing, I still have a healthy interest in reading and writing about Environmental Science both in fiction and in non-fiction. As an undergrad, I excel in Interpretation and ENC classes with newer students. I prefer helping these students with thesis and argument development, but I am not just limited to brainstorming!  I am most comfortable assisting MLA students; however, I have had experience in APA as well. 


Hello! Ryan here. I graduated from Tulane University with a B.A. in English Literature and am currently enrolled in FAU’s graduate English program with a focus in Science Fiction/Fantasy. I also happen to teach ENC 1101 and 1102. I’m interested in a variety of other fields as well including philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, anatomy, and history. If you need any assistance with your papers--be it thesis development, organization, sentence structure, MLA formatting, and more--I’d be delighted to assist you. 


Davie Campus Consultants:


If you're feeling overwhelmed by an assignment--no matter where you are in the writing process--I can help. I am happy to help you find a thesis statement that fits your goal and to help you organize your thoughts so that your writing becomes more effective. I welcome writers that would like help with APA, MLA, and Chicago style formats.


Jupiter Campus Consultants:


Hello my name is Andrew. I am a senior at the FAU Honors College majoring in Law and American Society and International Studies with a minor in Economics. The social sciences are really my passion so if you need help with anything like that I am sure I can help you.  My preference is for MLA style formatting. I don’t claim to know everything about writing, but I can be a friendly peer to help you help yourself to achieve great things in writing. My strong belief is that everyone is capable of being an effective writer if they can work on their writing in a smart and effective way. I can help you begin that process of self-improvement. Writing can be difficult, especially for people who might have an extra challenge to overcome. I have spent much time living, working and taking classes in foreign countries so I know how it feels to have a disadvantage when it comes to language. It takes hard work and patience to overcome that kind of a disadvantage or even to improve your writing ability in normal circumstances. I understand that and I am here to help. 

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