What is Freshman Warning? 
What you need to know...


What is Freshman Warning?            

Freshman Warning is just what it says:

    • It's a WARNING that your grades are dangerously low and you are in danger of facing consequences from the University (consequences such as having to sit out a semester or being dismissed!).
    • Freshmen who fail to earn a 2.0 their first semester are placed on FRESHMAN WARNING. Students on warning are required to complete the STAR Inventory and should meet with their academic advisor in UAS for special assistance in improving their academic performance.  
    • If you have received notice you are on Warning, NOW is the time to take the steps to improve your academic standing. Don’t wait until the end of your second semester (or even mid semester) to take action. If a student fails to improve their GPA after their first semester they move from Freshman Warning to probation. 



When will I get off Freshman Warning?

Once your semester GPA and cumulative GPA reach at least a 2.0, you will be taken off Freshman Warning and will be in good academic standing.

Important Dates to Remember 

Understanding the policies, procedures and university calendar will be vital to your academic success. Review and know important dates that could affect you directly.

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