JUMP START your academic experience at FAU this summer!

JUMP START Program Highlights:
  • Build a community of friends with other first-year students
  • Take 6 credits to help you progress toward your graduation requirements
  • Achieve success in and outside of the   classroom
  • Create a unique support system by establishing relationships with:
    • Academic Advisors
    • Professors
    • Classmates 

In the fall, all Jump Start students will continue on the road to success by either joining a learning community or by enrolling in SLS 1503 (or Honors SLS 1501).

Note: Students who participate in the JUMP START Program receive preferred seating in summer courses. University Advisors will register you for the courses in the Jump Start experience you select! 


These are SAMPLE schedules. The actual Jump Start schedules will be available after March 1st. 

Art Appreciation (ARH2000), Sociological Perspectives (SYG1000) and the Jump Start Experience (SLS1412)

Honors Psychology Seminar (PSY1930), Anatomy & Physiology (BSC2085) and the Jump Start Experience (SLS1412)

Intermediate Algebra (MAT1033+D), Music Appreciation (MUL2010) and the Jump Start Experience (SLS1412)

Life Science + Lab (BSC1005+L), World Geography (GEA2000) and the Jump Start Experience (SLS1412)

The Jump Start Experience is a FREE 0-credit course to  help you learn success strategies, connect with other  students, and have a great start to your FAU experience.


For More Information:  

University Advising Services
Phone: 561.297.3064


 Last Modified 2/23/15