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 Frequently Asked Questions

Academic advising is required of all students to ensure you are made aware of the information and support resources available to assist you in making appropriate and well informed decisions regarding your curriculum requirements, your major, and your career choice.

All entering freshmen or transfer students with less than 60 credits must fulfill the university's Intellectual Foundations Program (IFP) requirements as part of their pursuit of the baccalaureate degree. While the IFP courses do not necessarily relate to the major, they do provide a foundation of knowledge that all well-educated students should possess. The IFP is comprised of a total of 36 credit hours.

  • 6 hours of Foundations of Written Communication
  • 6 hours of Foundations of Society & Human Behavior
  • 6 hours of Foundations of Science & the Natural World
  • 6 hours of Foundations of Mathematics & Quantitative Reasoning
  • 6 hours of Foundations of Global Citizenship
  • 6 hours of Foundations of Creative Expression

For more information, consult University Advising Services or the FAU undergraduate catalog.

Don’t panic. Entering freshmen will be advised through OARS, the online advising system. As part of the OARS process, once a student submits the OARS advising form and receives approval for his/her courses, the UN hold will be removed. Students will need to meet with their Academic Advisor during their second semester to have the UN hold removed again. If you have questions about how the process works, contact University Advising Services at (561) 297-3064 or advisingservices@fau.edu.
This rule requires students entering college or university study for the first time after October 15, 1982, to complete, with grades of “C” or higher, 12 semester hours of writing and 6 semester hours of mathematics as a requirement for admission to the upper division. The 12 semester hours of writing must be completed with 4 Gordon Rule Writing courses. Following is a list of IFP courses that satisfy the Gordon Rule Writing requirement: ENC1101, ENC1102, LIT2010, LIT2030, LIT2040, LIT2070, PHI2010 and WOH2012.

If you are an incoming freshman, you must first complete OARS, your online advising (click here). Once your OARS form is approved, your freshman advising hold (the UN hold) will be removed and you will be eligible to register (once all your other holds are removed as well). You will register for classes by logging into MyFAU (https://myfau.fau.edu).

A Registration Video Tutorial is available on the University Advising Services homepage. http://www.fau.edu/uas/registration.php

Speak to an advisor. Advisors have a lot of information on study skills and techniques, academic tools and campus resources that can help you get through the “rough patches”.
If you have a GPA of less than 2.0 at the end of your first semester, you will be placed on Freshman Warning. Freshman Warning is a notice that you are not in “good” academic standing and you must improve your academic performance in order to remain eligible for continued enrollment. If, after your second semester of enrollment, your GPA is still below 2.0, you will be placed on Probation. If, after Probation, your term and your cumulative GPA are both below 2.0, you will be suspended (cannot attend) from FAU for one semester. You are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor at the first sign of trouble.
Talk to an academic advisor. He or she will inform you of any requirements you may need to meet/fulfill to change or declare a major. You may not change your major if your GPA is below 2.0. Changing your major requires completing a form which can be downloaded from the “forms link” on the University Advising Services or the Registrar’s website.
Glad you asked. Our office is open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. We are located on the Boca Raton campus in the Student Support Services building on the second floor in room 201. Our telephone number is (561) 297-3064 or you can send a question via e-mail to advisingservices@fau.edu. 

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