All About the Major                           Application Process 


Florida Atlantic University’s School of Architecture offers lower division Pre-Architecture courses on the Boca Raton campus. These courses are required for admission to the Bachelor’s of Architecture program at FAU. Students will be able to complete their general education along with their Architecture courses on one campus. 

**Please be aware that after completion of these courses and acceptance into the School of Architecture, all Architecture courses will be taught on the Downtown Fort Lauderdale campus.


Freshmen and sophomores looking to enter Architectural Design 1 at FAU must submit the required drawing and writing exercises. The School of Architecture accepts about 40 students in two studio sections of Architectural Design 1 each fall. Click the link below to access the Lower Division School of Architecture Application.


If you have any questions as a Freshmen/Sophomore Pre-Architecture student, please contact an Academic Advisor. 

Incoming & Current Freshmen:  University Advising Services
Dr. Merideth Dee, University Advising Services (

Current Freshmen & Sophomores:  College of Design & Social Inquiry
Todd Hedrick, College of Design & Social Inquiry (

Freshman & Sophomore Class Sequences
The following does not constitute academic advising. Therefore, for further clarification of coursework be sure to contact your academic advisor.

 Curriculum Sheets for: 

  • Architecture (Admitted/plan to apply to the FAU Design Program)

  • Architecture (Lower Division Design at Palm Beach State College)

  • Architecture (Lower Division Design at Broward College)



Dual Enrollment option

The Architecture courses on the Boca Raton campus have limited availability. If there is no space available, students have the option to dual enroll at one of the following Institutions:

Palm Beach Community College

Broward Community College
Miami-Dade College

Boca Raton, FL OR
Lake Worth, FL 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 
Miami, FL

Miles from Boca Raton
at FAU in Boca

Please be aware that if the design sequence is started at one of these institutions, then it has to be completed there. Students are not allowed to transfer any Pre-Architecture courses from another institution in order to complete the Pre-Architecture program at FAU.

Dual Enrollment Process - Transient Student Information
Step 1 - Select an institution to attend

Palm Beach State College

Broward College

Step 2 - Apply to the institution as a Non-Degree seeking student

Palm Beach State College

Broward College

Step 3 - Complete a Transient Form through FLVC
Click here for instructions
Step 4 - Download a Concurrent Enrollment Form if you have financial aid
Click here for link to form

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