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At FAU there is an office dedicated to assisting transfer students through their transition. The Transfer Student Services Center team is here to help you through your FAU experience. Our TSS staff has transfer-specific application advising, pre-admission advising, as well as various transfer student involvement opportunities for you to utilize through your transition.

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Transfer Admissions

  • Guide students through their transfer admissions process, status, & deadlines
  • Conducts 1:1 meetings with prospective students; guiding students through online resources and FAU admissions policies.
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Transfer Advising

  • Advises prospective students on major declaration and/or maximizing transfer of credit.
  • Reviews incoming transfer credits and discusses next steps in the transfer process.
Ian Mainwaring

Ian Mainwaring

Transfer Student Services

  • First point of contact for any admitted transfer students who are in need of assistance and/or guidance through their transition.
  • Promotes student involvement and engagement in the TSS office, as well as external programming such as: Orientation, Student organizations, etc.

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FAU Transfer Student Services


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Florida Atlantic University Transfer Student Services provides a streamlined onboarding process for transfer students through:

  • Comprehensive transfer admissions services
  • Pre-Admission and transition academic advising
  • Facilitating student connection to on campus resources

Additionally, Transfer Student Services supports transfer students by advocating for inclusive policies, practices, and programs, in order to promote successful progression towards timely degree completion.


A welcoming, supportive, and inclusive community for all transfer students.

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