“I thought that the instructor was the best math teacher I have ever had! I think she may have actually cured my ‘math phobia’. Thank You!”
(GRE/GMAT Math Fundamentals)

“The teacher made difficult work easy and fun. I feel as though I am prepared to do an excellent job on the GRE.” (GRE)

“I have taken other LSAT prep classes (two to be exact), and this instructor is by far the best, most knowledgeable and informative instructor I have ever experienced or heard of. His techniques, suggestions and strategies are far more useful than what is given in the books.” (LSAT)

“Great course! - very, very helpful, great instructor, made the course very interesting and fun. I would definitely recommend it as it provides a lot of helpful tips!!” (GMAT)

“The best math teacher I’ve ever had! He was able to thoroughly convey every concept in a way that I could understand. He was interesting and funny, and his passion for the work made me feel like I was having fun while doing it.” (SAT Math)

“After taking the course I went from a 610 in reading to a 750 and a 510 in writing to a 670. Thank you very much! I recommended the class to a few people, after they asked how I got such high scores.” (SAT Verbal)

“The teacher is excellent! Not only did I get an excellent review in math and verbal skills, but I picked up a few new tricks. I feel well prepared, and my test-taking anxiety has gone down.”

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