School of Urban & Regional Planning

Florida Atlantic University

BURP Admission Requirements

Three documents are available to assist prospective and currently enrolled students:

Prospective students are strongly urged to review all these materials before arranging for a formal appointment to discuss admission issues.

University Admissions Counselors are available on the first floor of the Administration building in Boca or on the second floor of the Liberal Arts building in Davie to discuss all matters pertaining to admission to the University. In addition, students who may have specific questions pertaining to transfer credit from other institutions, especially those credits that may apply to the upper division, are recommended to arrange an appointment with the Coordinator of Academics Programs for the College for Design and Social Inquiry. The Coordinator will clarify what courses are acceptable as upper division credit and how deficiencies may be corrected.

The Admissions process is fully described in the University Catalog, which is updated yearly. The process cannot proceed without the applicant submitting a formal application to the University and arranging for transcripts from all institutions attended since high school, to be sent to the Admissions Office. Please note deadline dates in the current University Catalog. Transcripts are not evaluated by the School of Urban and Regional Planning faculty for admission to the University. This evaluation is conducted by the University Admissions Counselor (Admissions Office) and the Coordinator of Academic Programs in the College for Design and Social Inquiry.

For questions pertaining to your application and admissions please contact Todd Hedrick at

For specific questions about the BURP program and its curriculum please contact John Renne, the BURP faculty coordinator, at