FAU Students 

Rooms are free of charge to registered student organizations unless they are:

1)    Having co-sponsorship event/program with a department, tax-exempt group or commercial group.

2)    Charging a registration or admittance fee or selling tickets (this may also apply to donations).

3)    Sponsoring a program that is open to the general public (non-students).

All registered student organizations need to submit a Program Registration Form through Owl Central for their events held on or off campus.
This form must be:

1) Approved by your advisor.

2) Received no less than 10 business days prior to your event or meeting.

3) Be as detailed as possible: include the equipment you will need, how many people you expect at your event, etc.


Students not affiliated with a registered student organization may still rent space in the Student Union for a fee. See below for room and equipment charges.



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Alternative Locations Resource Sheet

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Room Charges

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 Last Modified 3/5/15