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Dining Services

 FAU Dining Services has a contractual right of first refusal for all catering and food service needs on campus. If a user plans to serve food or beverages, the user must notify the Event Planning Office at the time of the request. The Event Planning Office will direct the user to Dining Services. Dining Services will, under certain circumstances, allow a user to use an outside caterer. However, that usually occurs only if the caterer is unable to meet the user's needs.

To order from FAU Dining Services visit:


Food Waiver

If you wish to obtain a Food Waiver for your event please review the documents below on how to obtain a Food Waiver and a Temporary Food Service Permit.

Food Waiver Flow Chart

Food Waiver Quick Reference Guide

Food Waiver Application Form

Temporary Food Service Permit Online Application

Temporary Food Service Approved Vendor List

For more information on the Food Safety Program and Food Safety Resources visit:

FAU Environmental Health and Safety

 Last Modified 6/12/18