Student Success at Florida Atlantic University


Student success can be defined and measured in various ways. It does not simply entail high failure or withdrawal rates in particular courses, dropping out, or delayed graduation, though these are certainly important measures of success. Students at all levels might fail to connect to the institution and leave; other students might perform very well but fail to get into graduate school or careers of choice. All aspects of “success” need to be considered; for example:


  • How can we improve success rates in our classes without lowering standards? If students are underprepared, what can FAU do to better prepare them?
  • What can we do to better motivate students?
  • What can we do to assist those students unable to get into their major of choice?
  • What are some impediments to timely graduation? Examples might include bottleneck courses in particular majors, onerous requirements, or policies or procedures that no longer seem necessary. Please be as concrete as possible and explain.
  • What can advisors do to improve student success?
  • What can FAU do to enrich the experiences of its brightest students and the many students in the middle? How can we better connect them to the institution?
  • Does FAU have problems getting students into graduate school, law school, medical school, or jobs? If so, what can we do to better prepare them?
  • How can FAU improve campus life to better connect students to the institution? What do other institutions have that FAU lacks?


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