Office of Student Conduct Hazing Report Form

Individual Reporting the Incident: (Can report anonymously but it makes it much more difficult for us to follow up and address the behavior)

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FAU Z Number (if student/faculty):

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Date of Incident:         Time::

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Location of Incident: 

Witnesses to the Incident (please list all witnesses):

Was anyone injured?  Yes   No

Was alcohol involved?  Yes  No

Were any organization advisors present? If so, who:  

Were any organization officers/leaders present? If so, who:

Were any team coaches present? If so, who:

Please describe in as much detail as possible what happened:


I agree that the above statement is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that I may be contacted by the Office of Student Conduct to provide further information or serve as a witness for a student conduct hearing.

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 Last Modified 3/2/15