Disc Golf

Disc Golf

"Good variety of distance throughout the course" - crouchingwombat

What is Disc Golf

Disc Golf is played much like traditional golf. Instead of a ball and clubs, however, players use a flying disc, or Frisbee. The sport was formalized in the 1970s and shares with “ball golf” the object of completing each hole in the fewest number of strokes (or, in the case of disc golf, fewest numbers of throws.)

A golf disc is thrown from a tee area to a target, which is the “hole.” The hole can be one of a number of disc golf targets; the most common is called a Pole Hole, an elevated metal basket. As a player progresses down the fairway, he or she must make each consecutive shot from the spot where the previous throw has landed. The trees, shrubs, and terrain changes located in and around the fairways provide challenging obstacles for the golfer. Finally, the “putt” lands in the basket and the hole is completed.

Disc Golf Rules

  • Object - Have fun and play the course from beginning to end in the fewest throws.
  • Tee Off - Tee throws must be released from within the designated tee area.
  • Lie - The spot where the disc lands.
  • Throwing Order - Lowest score on previous hole tees first. After Tee-off the player whose lie is farthest from the target throws first.
  • Fairway Throws - Must be made from on the lie
  • Putt - A player may not step past the lie when attempting a putt throw within 10 yards of the target.
  • Completinog of Hole - The hole si complete when the disc is in the basket or supported by the chain.
  • Out of Bounds - A throw that lands out of bounds must be played from the point where the disc went out (+1 throw penalty).
  • Courtesy - Watch our for Pedestrains. Do not throw until the players or pederstrains are out of range.

Overview of our course

  • 18 holes with concrete tees
  • Free to public and students
  • Open to play during daylight hours
  • Students may check out equipment with Campus Recreation in the Burrow
  • Total distance =4842 feet
  • Established in 2007
  • Par 54
  • Parking for nonstudents
  • Directions / Starting point

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Disc Golf Scoreboard

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"Best course to play in North Palm County" - chippthemunk

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