Division of Student Affairs, Jupiter Campus  

Mission Statement

The Division of Student Affairs, Jupiter Campus advances the mission of Florida Atlantic University through facilitating student learning and development by providing opportunities that enrich the educational experience of all students on the John D. MacArthur campus.

In order to accomplish this mission, we provide a range of services and programs that support and enhance the learning environment for students. Learning and personal development occur through transactions between students and their environments. To this end, we are committed to:

Developing students' skills, in cooperation with the faculty, including: (a) complex cognitive skills such as reflection and critical thinking; (b) an ability to apply knowledge to practical problems encountered in one's vocation; (c) an understanding and appreciation of human differences; (d) practical competence skills (e.g., decision making, conflict resolution); and (e) a coherent integrated sense of identity, self-esteem, confidence, integrity, aesthetic sensibilities and civic responsibility.

Being responsive to the needs of students through quality programs and services that promotes the holistic development of students through the integration of the curriculum and co-curriculum.

Fostering a campus community that values and promotes caring, cooperation, responsible and ethical behavior, the open and free exchange of ideas and respect for and inclusion of all people.

 Last Modified 4/10/15