John D. MacArthur Campus Book Loan Program

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What is the Book Loan service?

Eligible FAU students may borrow a minimum of one course textbook and keep it for the entire semester free of charge.

What are the eligibility guidelines?

  1. Currently registered as a degree-seeking FAU student.
  2. Currently registered for the John D. MacArthur Campus (Jupiter) class in which you are requesting a book.  The book that is being requested must be listed in the University Catalog as a required/core course class or a Major Elective for that student's major.
  3. Student must be willing to complete FIVE hours of community service by the end of the semester for each book loaned out to them.

What is the application submission process?

Complete an online Book Loan Application. Applications are available the first Monday of every semester starting at 8:30 a.m. through noon the first Friday of the semester. Any early or late applications are not accepted. Each application must be COMPLETELY FILLED OUT in order to be processed. Any changes to the application (class changes) will result in the application being moved down to the bottom of the list.

For students that do not have access to the online application, please contact Student Involvement & Leadership at 561-799-8440 or

How will I keep up with assigned readings the first week of class?

It is recommended that you purchase the books you need so you do not fall behind in your classes. If your book loan is approved, we will notify the bookstore within 24 to 72 hours. You will receive a full refund if you follow the bookstore’s refund policy.

How are students notified that their application has been approved or denied?

Students are notified by telephone within 24-72 hours after the add/drop deadline. Please make sure the telephone number provided will be answered or have voice mail capabilities during evening and weekend hours.  Students’ must pick up their book within three days of the pick up date or it will be given to another student. Students who did not receive any or all of the books requested are encouraged to check throughout the semester if their book becomes available.

How do students check out their books?

The books are checked out at the Student Involvement & Leadership Office, SR 151, which provides students with a book loan program library card starting the Monday after the phone call has been made. If the book is not picked up by that Wednesday it will be offered to another student.

When the students’ pick up their book(s) they must sign the contract stating they have received the book(s) and will complete the community service hours required.

Volunteer logs are placed inside each loaned textbook.

What is the maximum number of books a student can check out per semester?

Three (3)

What must students do in return for receiving a book?

Register for and complete five (5) hours of community service with the FAU Weppner Center for Civic Engagement , FOR EACH BOOK BORROWED. If students do not complete their volunteer hours a HOLD will be placed on their registration and they will not be eligible to receive another book until hours have been completed. The hours must be completed in the same semester the book was loaned to the student. Student Involvement & Leadership also keeps a copy of the volunteer log for its own records.

What are the students’ responsibilities at the end of each semester?

Students must turn in the textbook(s) loaned to them no later than the last day of the semester. The volunteer log stating the five hours of community service must also be submitted. If students want the hours to be placed on their school record the deadline listed at the top of the log needs to be followed.

What happens if a student doesn’t return the book by the deadline?

Failure to return the book(s), a HOLD will be placed on their registration. Students that destroy books must purchase a new copy for the book loan program in order to have the hold removed.

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For more information about the Book Loan Program on other campuses, contact the
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