Division of Student Affairs
Divisional Committees

Campus Recreation Advisory Board
Laura Johnson, Chair

The mission of this board is to involve user groups, primarily students, in the planning, organization and administration of recreational programs. This will include but not be limited to: maintenance and custodial services; finances; student employment; professional staffing; programming and general policy making; and long-range planning (facilities, programs, staffing/personnel, and policies) of the associated areas.

Career Development Faculty Advisory Board
Sandy Jakubow, Chair

The Career Development Center Faculty Advisory Board is a distinguished group of dean and faculty members representing eight colleges at FAU. The board members serve in an advisory capacity and support the Career Development Center's mission, services and programs. The board is committed to ensuring that FAU students and the Career Development Center have optimal and mutually beneficial interactions.

Exceptional Circumstances Withdrawal Committee
Dr. Larry Faerman, Chair

This committee works to outline the process and procedures for a student to request a withdrawal from the University for Exceptional Circumstances.

Homecoming Planning Committee
Mike Burdman, Chair

The purpose of the Homecoming Planning Committee is to provide Homecoming programs that are a celebration of the spirit and traditions of Florida Atlantic University. The Homecoming programs shall be inclusive of all members of the FAU community. The traditions of the University will be preserved and new traditions started that will enhance the spirit of the university.

Multicultural Affairs/ISSS Advisory Board
Juan Izaguirre, Co-Chair
Dr. Mihaela Metianu, Co-Chair

The purpose of the Multicultural Affairs/ISSS Advisory Board is to develop multicultural programs and diversity initiatives that involve students in event selection, planning and participation. The board advocates for University-wide student services to meet the needs and promote the interests of diverse students on campus. Finally, the board makes recommendations to improve the quality of services offered through the Offices of Multicultural Affairs and International Student/Scholar Services.

Orientation Advisory Committee
Karen Murray, Chair

The Orientation Advisory Committee, under the leadership and guidance of the Office of New Students and Owl Family Programs, will assist in providing a comprehensive new student orientation program that fosters collaboration with campus departments, facilitating the transition to Florida Atlantic University by promoting a greater understanding of the campus, the culture, its traditions and expectations.

Regulation Review Team
Terry Mena, Chair

The purpose of the Regulation Review Team is to periodically review university regulation related to Student Affairs and provide recommendations for changes and/or modifications to the Sr. Vice President for Student Affairs.

Staff Development Committee
Joanna Ellwood, Co-Chair

Dr. Raquel Cabral, Co-Chair

The Staff Development Committee is responsible for staff development opportunities that promote the active engagement of Student Affairs staff in personal and professional growth.

The committee is dedicated to the development of a common understanding of Student Affairs, a culture of excellence and innovation and the adaptation of current trends and knowledge where the entire FAU community thrives. For more information click here

Strategic Initiative & Assessment Team
Dr. Andrea Juarez (Oliver), Chair 

The purpose of the Strategic Initiative & Assessment Team is to periodically review and update the divisional strategic plan, sharing accomplishments, recommended changes as well as to develop and implement a plan for assessment in the Division of Student Affairs that is consistent with the profession's CAS standards, the University Strategic Plan and the University's annual Assessment Reporting Database.

Student Eligibility Appeals Board
Joanna Ellwood, Chair

The Student Eligibility Appeals Board is responsible for the evaluation of student appeals for academic eligibility as a student leader, as directed by University Regulation 4.006.

Student Health Advisory Council
Michele Hendricks, Chair

The purpose of the Student Health Advisory Council is to ensure quality healthcare and health education for FAU students by promoting wellness throughout the University community. The council serves as a liaison between the student body and Student Health Services, assists in formulating new ideas and the development of new programs that will enhance the quality of service of Student Health Services, and reviewing suggestions and complaints regarding campus healthcare operations in order to make recommendations to the Student Health Service administration.

Student Intervention Team/Student Crisis Awareness Committee
Dr. Larry Faerman, Chair  

*Also member of the SIT

FAU is committed to advancing the success, education and health of all its students. This commitment has led the University to constitute the Student Crisis Awareness Committee (SCAC) and the Student Intervention Team (SIT), both of which serve as consultation/intervention advisors to the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students (the University's single point of contact). Advisement will address intervention and management of students who are exhibiting difficult behaviors; who pose a distinct and real threat of harm to an identified target or targets and who must be prevented from harming self or others; and those who are likewise threatened.

Student Union Advisory Board

Dr. Corey A. King
Dr. Larry Faerman, advisor 

The Student Union Advisory Board is a vehicle for student, faculty, staff and other users of the FAU Student Union to provide guidance and support for the effective operation and growth of the Student Union organization and facilities.

Student Veterans Advisory Team
Dr.  Andrea  Juarez ( Oliver ), Chair  

The purpose of the Student Veterans Advisory Team is to identify divisional and University resources specific to the needs of student veterans. The advisory team works collaboratively to provide a comprehensive approach to Student Veterans services at Florida Atlantic University.

Weeks of Welcome Planning Committee
Dr. Larry Faerman, Chair

The purpose of the Weeks of Welcome Planning Committee is to promote, coordinate, develop and implement a series of programs and activities with the common goal of welcoming new and returning students while gaining what it means to be an FAU Owl. The programs and activities also focus on increasing students' connections with faculty, and staff, and other students and promote a sense of belonging.

Healthy Owls Team
Kirk Dougher, Chair

The mission of the Healthy Owls Team is to create a campus community that emphasizes the development of a healthy body, mind and spirit.

The task force will accomplish its mission by:

  • Developing health policies on campus
  • Supporting healthcare initiatives
  • Encouraging healthy living and choices through outreach

Sustainability Committee
Nori Carter, Co-Chair

Lauren Adamo, Co-Chair

The divisional Sustainability Committee will be a “Green Team” eco-friendly brain trust that will design, implement, and/or utilize sustainable options of new or existing resources through division wide green initiatives while supporting university wide sustainability efforts, including the Green Wave program. This committee will complement FAU’s Mission Green statement of promoting sustainability through education, operations, and community engagement.  


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