Frequently Asked Questions 


What is the Student Union?

What is SD?

Where can I find a free scantron?

Is the coffee really free?

How can I play ping pong, air hockey, dominoes, cards or other board games?

How can I reserve a study room?

Where can I find out about events?

How can I work in the Student Union?

How do I use the wireless network when I'm in the Union?

Q. What is the Student Union? 

A. The Student Union is both a student-centered organization and a building.  It is the center for community and leadership on campus.  The FAU Davie Student Union provides an on-campus home for students, faculty, staff, and guests who seek cultural, social, business, educational, and recreational experiences in an environment committed to excellent service. 

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Q. What is SD? 

A. "SD" is the FAU code for the SD Building, also known as the Davie Student Union.  If you would like to study in SD 204 or would like to attend an activity in SD 105, those events are held in the Student Union on the Davie Campus. 

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Q. Where can I find a free scantron? 

A. Inquire with the Student Union Front Desk, located in the Oasis Lounge (1st floor lobby) or the Broward Student Government Reception area (in the 2nd Floor Lobby).

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Q. Is the coffee really free? 

A. Yes.  The coffee is paid for with your Student Activities & Services fees. 

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Q. How can I play ping pong, air hockey, dominoes, cards or other board games?

A. Sign-In at the Student Union Oasis Lounge front desk 

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Q. How can I reserve a study room? 

A. The first floor Oasis Lunge study rooms require you to sign in at the front desk with your owl card.  These rooms are first come, first serve, and the time limit on the room is 3 hours.  If no students are waiting for a room you may re-sign in for another 3 hours.  As always, if you have any problems, please contact the Operations Manager at the Front Desk, and he or she will assist you. 

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Q. Where can I find out about events? 

A. There are many ways to learn about activities at the Davie Student Union, such as the following: 

- For Student Union events visit the bulletin board right outside of SD 105/Heritage Hall. 

- A monitor in the Oasis Lounge runs a loop of announcements/events and is updated weekly. 

- Broward Student Government executive agencies, Program Board, Students Advocating Volunteer Involvement, House of Representatives, Counsel of Student Organizations, have bulletin boards on the first floor. 

- Stop by the Student Involvement and Leadership office in SD 203 for more information.
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Q. How can I work in the Student Union? 

A. At the beginning of each semester, the Student Union recruits & hires student workers on an as-needed basis.  We continually accept applications, though, so if you're interested in a position with the Union, please contact the Building Coordinator.  Check the bulletin boards on campus for Broward Student Government positions or stop by Room 203 of the Union and speak with representatives from the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership for other temporary opportunities like Orientation Leader or other volunteer jobs. 

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Q. How do I use the wireless network when I'm in the Union? 

A. You'll log in with your FAUnet login ID and password. The entire Union is a wireless zone. 

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 Last Modified 7/2/15