Committees and Boards


Divisional Committees:

Staff Development Committee

Dr. Raquel Cabral, Chair
The Staff Development Committee is responsible for staff development opportunities that promote the active engagement of Student Affairs staff in personal and professional growth. The committee is dedicated to the development of a common understanding of Student Affairs, a culture of excellence and innovation and the adaptation of current trends and knowledge where the entire FAU community thrives. 


Assessment & Research Team

Antonio Perry, Chair
The purpose of the Assessment & Research Team is to assist in developing and implementing a plan for assessment in the Division of Student Affairs that is consistent with the profession’s CAS standards, the University Strategic Plan, and the University’s annual Assessment Reporting Database. The team will identify divisional learning outcomes, offer workshops and coaching sessions, and showcase assessment best practices throughout the Division. 
Assessment Team Responsibilities: 
• Represent departments, and develop and monitor assessment initiatives focusing on the outcomes to be addressed each year. 
• Complete documents and reports needed for the Student Affairs strategic planning & assessment cycle 
• Enter requested information into IEA on behalf of your department. 
• Serve as a resource to the department you represent to develop and streamline assessment strategies.


Paraprofessional Development Committee

Tracy Cunningham and Aaron Hackman, Co-Chairs
The purpose of the Paraprofessional Development Committee is to create and assist the on-boarding process of new student employees in the Division of Student Affairs. The committee has partnered with areas from across the Division of Student Affairs to host trainings on specific domains. The domains the committee has focused on are responsibility, diversity, leadership, and customer service. There are in-person trainings and online modules geared to ensure student staff working for the division gain knowledge in these core areas.


Emergency Operations/ Risk Management/ Safety Committee

Matthew Hinds, Chair
It is the mission of the Risk Management Committee is to advise and assist the Division of Student Affairs in promoting an environment that is safe from recognized hazards for faculty, staff, students, and guests. The goal will be to mitigate risk by bringing forward best practices, continual review of policies and procedures, and promotion of a safety first culture.


Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Marlynn Lopez and Allison Rodgers, Co-Chairs
The Diversity & Inclusion Committee makes recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs about diversity and inclusion opportunities for FAU students, faculty, and staff. The primary responsibility of the committee is to develop strategy for creating and deepening a sense of community and appreciation for the diversity at FAU.
The committee is an action-oriented group that recommends and implements programs, services and events that ensure the FAU environment is welcoming and inclusive of all differences in people and committed to a diverse, informed and civically active community.


University-Wide Advisory Committees:

FAU Career Center Faculty Advisory Board

Brian Montalvo, Chair
The FAU Career Center Faculty Advisory Board is a distinguished group of dean and faculty members representing eight colleges at FAU. The board members serve in an advisory capacity and support the FAU Career Center's mission, services and programs. The board is committed to ensuring that FAU students and the Career Center have optimal and mutually beneficial interactions.


Leadership Advisory Committee

Katie Burke, Chair
The purpose of the Leadership Advisory Committee is to provide comprehensive university-wide LEAD program collaboration, awareness and decision making. Further, the committee will work to create widespread buy in and engagement in our opportunities from the moment a student steps on campus at FAU until their graduation. 


Orientation Advisory Committee

Karen Murray, Chair
Mission Statement: The mission of the A-Team is to streamline the student onboarding experience and increase student yield through comprehensive services coordination and improved enrollment programs, policies and practices.


Military and Veterans Student Advisory Team

Michael Giallombardo, Chair 
The purpose of the Military and Veterans Student Advisory Team is to identify divisional and University resources specific to the needs of student veterans. The advisory team works collaboratively to provide a comprehensive approach to Student Veterans services at Florida Atlantic University.


Student Advisory Boards:

VPSA Advisory Board

Dr. Corey King, Chair 
The purpose of the VPSA will be to advise the Vice President for Student Affairs on matters related to developing, promoting and enhancing campus life at FAU.


Student Union Advisory Board

TBD, Chair
The Student Union Advisory Board is a vehicle for student, faculty, staff and other users of the FAU Student Union to provide guidance and support for the effective operation and growth of the Student Union organization and facilities.


Campus Recreation Advisory Board

Michael Chase, Chair
The mission of this board is to involve user groups, primarily students, in the planning, organization and administration of recreational programs. This will include but not be limited to: maintenance and custodial services; finances; student employment; professional staffing; programming and general policy making; and long-range planning (facilities, programs, staffing/personnel, and policies) of the associated areas.


Student Health Advisory Council

TBD, Chair
The purpose of the Student Health Advisory Council is to ensure quality healthcare and health education for FAU students by promoting wellness throughout the University community. The council serves as a liaison between the student body and Student Health Services, assists in formulating new ideas and the development of new programs that will enhance the quality of service of Student Health Services, and reviewing suggestions and complaints regarding campus healthcare operations in order to make recommendations to the Student Health Service administration.

 Last Modified 4/4/17