Department of Spanish Studies

The Graduate Studies Faculty

  • Prisca Augustyn, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, Linguistics, German, Comparative Studies, Semiotics.

  • Nora Erro-Peralta, Ph.D., University of Toronto: Latin American Literature, Latin American Studies, Women Writers.

  • Mary Ann Gosser-Esquilín, Ph.D. Yale University: Comparative Literature (French and Spanish), Literature from the English-, French-, and Spanish-speaking Caribbean.

  • Jan Walsh Hokenson, Ph.D.,University of California at Santa Cruz: Modern and Postmodern French Literature, Comparative Modern European Literature, East-West Poetics, Comedy, Literary History, Translation Studies.

  • Yolanda Gamboa, Ph.D., Purdue University: Spanish Peninsular, Golden Age, Women Writers.

  • Michael J. Horswell, Ph.D., University of Maryland at College Park: Colonial Latin American Literature, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Andean Studies.

  • Martha Mendoza, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley: Hispanic Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics, Bilingualism, Semantics, 20th-Century Mexican Literature.

  • Marcella Munson, Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles: Medieval French and Comparative Literature, Critical Theory, Poetics, Women Writers.

  • Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos, Ph.D., University of Birmingham (U.K.): Roman Love Poetry; Sexuality, Gender, and the Body in Classical Antiquity; Reception of Ancient Greece in Latin Literature.

  • Nancy K. Poulson, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign: Contemporary Spanish American fiction and theatre, Latin American culture and civilization.

  • Myriam Ruthenberg, Ph.D., New York University: Italian Literature and Culture, Italian Renaissance, and Modern Fiction.

  • Namascar Shaktini, Ph.D., University of California at Santa Cruz: Modern French Literature, Women Writers, Critical Theory.

  • Robert L. Trammell, Ph.D., Cornell University. Applied Linguistics, ESL, French Linguistics, Linguistics and Reading, African American English

  • Miguel Angel Vázquez, Ph.D. Indiana University: Aljamiado literature, Arabic literature, the Spanish Golden Age, Federico García Lorca and Juan Goytisolo.

Recent Visiting Faculty and Lecturers

  • Djelal Kadir, The Pennsylvania State University

  • José Rabasa, University of California, Berkeley

  • Regina Harrison, University of Maryland, College Park

  • Wolfgang Holdheim, Cornell University

  • Elena Poniatowska, Mexico City

  • Dominique Desanti, Paris

  • Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Moscow

  • Daniel Grojnowski, University of Paris 7

  • Sabina Berman, Mexico City

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