Understanding the Role of Diaspora Advocacy Coalitions, Non-Governmental Organizations and Networks: A Focus on Haiti's Disasters

Related Research & Publications

Roles of Haitian-Americans in South Florida after the 2010 Earthquake

  • Grant: Haitian-Americans as Critical Bridges and Lifelines for Long-term Recovery in Haiti (Esnard and Sapat; 2010-2011).
  • Publications:
    • Sapat, A. and A-M Esnard. 2012. Displacement and Disaster Recovery: Transnational Governance and Sociolegal Issues following the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. Journal of Risk, Hazards and Crisis in Public Policy, Vol. 3: Iss. 1, Article 2.
    • Esnard, A-M and A. Sapat. 2011. Disasters, Diasporas and Host Communities: Insights in the Aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake. Journal of Disaster Research 6(3): 331-342
  • Funding Agency: CMMI Division, National Science Foundation

Displacement due to Catastrophic Hurricanes

  • Grant: Displacement Due to Catastrophic Hurricanes: Assessing Potential Magnitude and Policy Implications for Housing and Land Development (Esnard and Sapat; 2007-2010).
  • Publications:
    • Mitchell, C.M., A-M. Esnard and A. Sapat. 2012. Hurricane Events and the Displacement Process in the United States. Natural Hazards Review 13(2):150-16.
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  • Funding Agency: CMMI Division, National Science Foundation
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