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Ethics Questions

Two Ethics Questions Approved by Broward County Voters


The Creation Of A Broward County Ethics Commission

The County Charter provides for the creation of certain councils; and Chapter 112, Florida Statutes, provides a gen­eral Code of Ethics which applies to certain public officials. Shall the Charter be amended to create a Broward County Ethics Commission for the specific purpose of preparing a Code of Ethics regulating the behavior of Broward County Commissioners, to be considered by the County Commis­sion and/ or the electors of Broward County?

It is estimated that this amendment would result in a one-time, cost of approximately $73,000 to $100,000 to Broward County. This cost is estimated to arise from administrative and legal support that would be provided by the County to the Broward County Ethics Commission.

Requiring County Commissioners With A Voting Conflict to Not Participate In Discussion On That Matter

State law currently allows County Commissioners who recuse themselves from voting on a matter being considered by the Commission to participate in the discussion on that matter. Shall the Charter be amended to require Commissioners who recuse themselves due to a voting conflict resulting from a financial interest in the matter to leave the Commission chamber and not to communicate or participate in any discussion on that matter?


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