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Public confidence in the integrity of governmental officials and institutions has become an urgent public problem. The case records of the Florida Commission on Ethics indicate that elected officials, appointed officials, civil servants, and contracted employees are all susceptible to ethical breaches.


The Public Ethics Academy: Research, Training Workshops, and Policy

  1. Research on ethics. What are the gaps and deficiencies in the current laws and guidelines? Can “model ethics legislation” be developed and distributed? What are the important variables that systematically correlate with ethical lapses? There is a need to develop an information clearing house to identify and distribute available research, findings and reports.  This information can be distributed through the Ethics Academy’s website.
  2. Training and education. The Public Ethics Academy for public officials should be developed – including but not limited to an orientation program for new elected officers and senior employees.  A wide availability of continuing legal education (CLE) opportunities also need to be instituted. High quality University courseware, appropriate for accredited graduate programs, should be available to serious professionals in the public sector. Additionally, the Center would support regular forums for dissemination of information through seminars, panels and networking.
  3. Ethics policies in local government.  Sometimes government officials find themselves in a difficult situation once an ethical breach has been discovered. Their ethics policies may be contradictory, or they may be lacking altogether.

A Case Study in Voting Conflicts and Gifts:



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