Public Administration Societies

Pi Alpha Alpha

The national honor society for public affairs and administration is Pi Alpha Alpha and it was formed to recognize and promote excellence in the study and practice of public affairs and administration. In order to be inducted into Pi Alpha Alpha, you need to complete 21 hours of the MPA and have a 3.7 GPA. An induction ceremony is held each spring semester. For more information, go to the Pi Alpha Alpha web site

American Society of Public Administration (ASPA)

ASPA is the largest society for public administration practitioners and academics. As a member of ASPA, you will receive a one-year subscription to Public Administration Review and PA Times. The ASPA chapter that is associated with FAU is the Gold Coast Chapter, so when you join, make sure that you also join our chapter. For more information, go to the ASPA web site

Public Administration Theory Network (PAT-Net)

The Public Administration Theory Network (PAT-Net) provides a unique forum to discuss ideas in public administration and policy. It is to some extent a counterbalance to mainstream theoretical approaches, including the economistic view of administrative reform that is occurring throughout the world. The Network held its first conference in 1988 but has been in existence in one form or another for more than twenty years. It was started in 1978 by a group of scholars in U.S. public administration who were looking for an alternative venue to develop and talk about their ideas. For more information, go to the PAT-Net web site

Journals Edited by School of Public Administration Faculty

  • Journal of Public Procurement
  • International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior
  • Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting, and Financial Management
  • Public Organization Review: A Global Journal
  • International Journal of Public Administration

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