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Internship Opportunities for BPSA Students

Ms. Yvette Salinis, Southern Regional Re-entry Coordinator, is looking for our students for internships for spring for the Florida Department of Corrections.  She is specifically looking for students for a program that is part of the National Institute of Corrections, called "Thinking for a Change."  She would also be interested in students who would like the opportunity to mentor offenders of the same approximate age and also gender.  They will offer a 25-lesson training program, which would be part of the internship.  She will need at least six students. This will be a very "hands-on" internship and students who have interests in corrections as well as probation and parole and victim advocacy will benefit greatly.

If you are interested in this program, please contact Professor Mangan at or (561) 362-9183 as soon as possible and he will set up for an interview for you.  Yvette's office is in Delray Beach, but the locations for the actual internships could be at any of the locations in all three South Florida counties.

Content Last Updated on: February 21, 2014
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