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Dr. Thomas C. Wilson

Dr. Thomas C. Wilson

Professor of Sociology

(561) 297-3276

Teaching and Research Interests
Tom Wilson's current research interests include assessing the roles of cultural and economic capitals in determining cultural consumption, and drawing inferences for the reproduction of social hierarchies; testing alternative interpretations of racial and immigration policy attitudes; tracing inter-regional differences in political tolerance, and trends in tolerance since 1970. His teaching interests include social inequality, with emphasis on bases of inequality operating within racial and gender categories, sociology of deviance, with emphasis on its social construction, and its use in intergroup conflict, and quantitative research methods.

Courses Taught
Class, Status, and Power (undergraduate and graduate)
Quantitative Research Methods (undergraduate and graduate)
Social Control and Deviance

Selected Works
"On Money, Time, and Taste: Explaining the Link Between Social Class and Sports Involvement" Bulletin of the International Council of Sports Science and Physical Education 42: 35-42 (2004).

"The Paradox of Social Class and Sports Involvement: The Roles of Cultural and Economic Capitals" International Review for the Sociology of Sport 37 (1): 5-16 (2002).

"Americans' Views of Immigration Policy: Testing the Role of Threatened Group Interests" Sociological Perspectives 44 (4): 485-501 (2001).

"Explaining Black Southern Migrants' Advantage in Family Stability: The Role of Selective Migration". Social Forces 80 (2): 555-571 (2001).

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