Department of Sociology


Dr. Phillip Hough

Associate  Professor of Sociology

Telephone: (561) 297-3271

E-mail: phough2@fau.edu


Phillip A. Hough is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at Florida Atlantic University. His main research interests are in global political economy, comparative and historical sociology, labor and agrarian movements, public sociology, and Latin American development. He has published research on globalization, state and paramilitary violence, class and state formation, and the labor movement using qualitative as well as comparative-historical methods of analysis. His current research projects examine the intersection of political violence and struggles for labor and land rights in Colombia’s coffee, bananas, and coca-producing regions over the long durée.


Ph.D. Sociology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 2007.

M.A. Sociology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 2001.

B.S. Sociology and Anthropology, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, 1998.

Undergraduate Courses:

Labor and Globalization

Sociological Theory

 Drugs and Society

Graduate Courses:

Class, Power and Ideology in Comparative-Historical Perspective

Comparative and Historical Sociology

Public Sociology

Labor and Globalization

Selected Publications:

2012       Hough, Phillip A. and Jennifer Bair, “Dispossession, Class Formation    and the Political Imaginary of Colombia’s Coffee Producers over the Longue Durée: Beyond the Polanyian Analytic,” Journal of World-Systems Research (Vol. XVIII, No. 1, pp. 30-49) 

2011       Hough, Phillip A., “Guerrilla Insurgency as Organized Crime: Explaining the So-Called ‘Political Involution’ of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia,” Politics and Society (Vol. 39:3, September, pp. 379-414)

2011       Hough, Phillip A., “Disarticulations and Commodity Chains: Cattle, Coca and Capital Accumulation along Colombia’s Agricultural Frontier,” Environment and Planning A (Vol. 43:5, pp. 1016-1034)

2010       Hough, Phillip A., “Hegemonic Projects and the Social Reproduction of the Peasantry: Examining the National Federation of Coffee Growers and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in World Historical Perspective” Review: The Journal of the Fernand Braudel Center (September, Vol. XXXIII, Vol. 1, pp. 25-67)

2010       Hough, Phillip A., “Global Commodity Chains and the Spatial-Temporal Dimensions of Labor Control: Lessons from Colombia’s Coffee and Banana Industries,” The Journal of World Systems Research (Vol. XVI, No. 2, pp. 123-161)

2007       Hough, Phillip A., “Global Perspectives on the United States: Colombia,” chapter in Global Perspectives on the United States: A Nation by Nation Survey, David Levinson and Karen Christensen eds. (Berkshire Publishing, Barrington, MA; pp. 125-130)

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