Emerging Young Leaders
 Program Description: 

The Emerging Young Leaders is a program designed to enhance the scholarship, personal growth, and social engagement of Freshman & Sophomore FAU students. The program is a semester long initiative that will consist of a calendar of bi-weekly seminars that will require the students to be more engaged in positive campus and community involvement, which are critical for effective leadership.


Participants will engage in activities such as Resume and Portfolio Building, leadership trainings, workshops and reading circles, Public Speaking and Mock Interviews, and campus wide activities to promote social involvement and community building.


When followed by the Certified Student Leader program, these two programs work to show growth in leadership as a student by first completing the Emerging Young Leaders (EYL) program as a freshman or sophomore and then completing the Certified Student Leader (CSL) program as an upperclassmen or a graduate student. As a result of completing the CSL program you will receive a notation on your official transcript as a “Certified Student Leader” showing you, graduate/professional schools and prospective employers the value you put on leadership.


Completion of the Emergent Young Leaders program awards students with a certificate of completion, and automatically qualifies you as eligible for the Certified Student Leader program.

Questions about the program? Email: leadership@fau.edu

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Learning Outcomes:

As a result of the Seminars, participants will:

  • Interaction and placement with a specific mentor and other faculty and staff via Reading Circles, Leadership Institutes, Seminars
  • Benefit from positive campus interaction through various activities and Campus Opportunities presentations
  • Gain experience in community service by accessing the Weppner Center for Civic Engagement & Service and adding name to contact list


  • Attendance at seminars. Orientation and Seminar 1 are required.
  • Complete participation in one Leadership Reading Circle with interaction with the Facilitator
  • Attendance at one Student Leadership Institute
  • Presentation of experience at graduation

Emerging Young Leaders Program Schedule

Orientation- Introduction, Expectations, Resume/Cover Page writing 

Feb 19th- EYL Mentor Pairing at Red Mango in the Parliament Hall Lounge

Mar 13th- Student Leadership Institute        

March 31st- Diversity Speaker Presentation    

Apr 18th-19th – Stop Hunger Now



FAU Campuses: Boca Raton/Davie/Dania Beach/Fort Lauderdale/Jupiter/Treasure Coast Boca Raton Campus Danie Beach Campus Davie Campus Fort Lauderdale Campus Harbor Branch Campus Jupiter Campus Treasure Campus
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