1.          Where can I obtain my shot records?

You can try your parents to see if they have any official documentation for you. You can also try any public schools that you may have attended. Previous colleges and/or universities are good sources, too, especially if you are a transfer student. Previous physicians may also have the records.


2 .         What is an MMR?

An MMR is a Measles, Mumps and Rubella combination shot.


3 .         Should I send my immunization records together with the rest of my application packet?

To avoid delays, please mail or fax your immunization records directly to the Immunization Office.


4.         I am faxing my immunization records. Do I still need to mail the original?

No, a legible faxed copy of your shot records and Immunization Form is enough.


5.         I have been a previous student at FAU. Do you still have my immunization records on file?

Public universities in Florida are required to keep records for seven years from the time they were submitted. If it has been more than seven years, you may check with us to see if we still have them and if they meet the current requirements.


6.         I have attended another state university; do I still have to show proof of immunization when the requirements are the same?

Each university stores the immunization data differently and these systems are not linked together. Also, the requirement states that each university must have a copy of every student's immunization record on file.


7 .         I heard that I can waive some shots. Is that true?

Students have the option of either waiving or providing shot records for Hepatitis B and Meningococcal Meningitis.

However, every student born after 1956 needs to provide shot records for Measles and Rubella.


8 .         What if I have a medical reason for not getting the vaccinations?

A medical exemption can be submitted by the attending physician; it must include the medical reason for the exemption.


9 .         I may be pregnant or I am currently pregnant and nursing. What can I do if I don't have my immunization records?

You may submit a dated letter from you physician stating your situation. Another option would be to have your blood tested for immunity to Measles and Rubella (results must be positive). Pregnant women are routinely tested for Rubella, so you could get a copy of that from your OB/GYN. Keep in mind that, either way, you still need to fill out an FAU Immunization Form.


10 .       What can I do if my religious convictions prohibit me from getting vaccinated?

You may submit a Religious Exemption From Immunization Form. This form will exempt you from the required immunizations.


11 .       What if I just don't believe in getting shots? What do I do then?

You have the option of having a blood test done to show the presence of the Measles and Rubella antibodies. If the test results are positive and show immunity to Measles and Rubella, then this would be acceptable. However, if these tests came back negative, then you would have to show proof of immunization.


12 .       I was in the military, doesn't this prove that I have had all of my immunizations?

No. While most people in the military have received many immunizations, the requirement states that we must have the actual immunization dates on file.

Veterans Affairs is usually a good source for getting a copy of your shot records, however, it may take some time before they can get them to you.

If you do not have a copy of your military immunization records, you may want to take this time factor into consideration when registering for classes.


13 .       If I have documents from the health department, do I still need to complete the FAU Immunization Form?

Yes. The requirement states that we must have a signed Immunization Form on file for every student who attends classes at FAU.


14 .       I had my first shot before my first birthday; why would this be unacceptable?

Immunizations given prior to your first birthday may be ineffective because your immune system was not fully developed. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that the Measles and Rubella immunizations be given after you are one year old.


15 .       My parents kept a "baby book" with the dates of my vaccines. Is that official enough?

In order for it to be official, it needs to have a doctor's signature and/or stamp.


16 .       What if my doctor doesn't have an office stamp?

You may attach your doctor's business card or have him/her write your immunization dates on his/her letterhead.


17 .       I am not a student at FAU yet. Can I use your clinic to get the shots or have a titer?

Yes. Prospective students may use Student Health Services to receive MMRs, Hepatitis B and Meningitis vaccines, as well as titers for Measles, Rubella and Hepatitis B.


18 .       I have attended FAU and now I need my immunization records. How can I get a copy of them?

Go to and follow the instructions to register and print off your immunization records.


 Last Modified 12/19/14