HOR Induction Ceremony  

  Chief Justice, Nicholas Scalice (far right) inducting House of Representatives

Student Court

The Student Government Student Court is comprised of a Chief Justice and four Campus Associate Justices.  Chapter 600 outlines the purpose, jurisdiction and functions of the Student Court.  The Student Court hears cases based on Student Government operations including elections, adjudicates on the clarity and constitutionality of the student government statutes, policies and processes of Student Government, and sits on the Student Code of Conduct Hearing Board as Hearing Officers.


Chief Justice, Nicholas Scalice, (561) 297-1301, nscalice@fau.edu, UN 215D

Boca Raton Campus Associate Justice,  Ashley Davis, adavi110@fau.edu, UN 215D

Broward Campuses Associate Justice, Volrick Higgs, vhiggs1@fau.edu , LA 224

MacArthur Campus Associate Justice,Jackie Goldstein, jgolds36@fau.edu, SR 147

The Student Court operates out of Room 215D of the Boca Raton Student Union.


Employment Opportunities

There are no available employment opportunities at this time.


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