University-Wide Non-Research Undergraduate Student Travel

To apply for non-research related undergraduate travel, please do one of the following:

Travel request are approved subject to available funding.

If you are traveling but are not requesting a travel award, you need to notify the ASAB office via Owl Central of your travel at least 10 business days prior to your trip. Please click here to complete a notification to travel form.


If you are traveling and would like to request an undergraduate travel award you must do so at least 20 business days in advance prior to your travel. Please follow the steps below to apply for an undergraduate travel award:

  1. Gather the following information:
    1. Student Travel of Conduct and Release of Liability (1 per group).
    2. A copy of the Conference/Event Confirmation or Registration.
    3. A Letter of Justification for travel (1 per group)
    4. A list of group members traveling with each traveler's name, z number, email, phone number, address, primary campus location (if applicable)
    5. Proof of conference or event
    6. Confirmation of presenting or competing (if applicable)
    7. Proof of Estimated Cost (i.e. hotel, registration, rental car, shuttle/taxi, etc.)
    8. A Letter of support from RSO Adviser or Faculty Adviser (1 per group)
  2. Each traveler must read the Student Travel Policy prior to your meeting. Download the Student Travel Procedures.
  3. Apply for travel online.
  4. Upon return complete the trip reimbursed form.

If you have any questions regarding University-Wide Non-Research Undergraduate Student Travel email us at

 Last Modified 2/22/18