Student Travel

The traveling advisor is expected to:

A. Be knowledgeable of and adhere to all information within the Student Travel Policy.

B. Be aware of and communicate expectations of student conduct to be in line with university policy in a clear and concise manner before the departure of the trip.

C. Intervene when knowledge of illegal activities occur that are contrary to FAU policies and report all violations of university policy to the Dean of Students office promptly upon returning from the trip.

D. Establish clear expectations and knowledge of risk with student delegation, department and trip advisors through pre-trip meetings discussing all components of the trip with the student delegation and establishing contact procedures in case of emergency (including after-hours/emergency phone numbers for the advisor and appropriate administrators.)

E. Be in possession and knowledgeable of all information relating to Liability Waiver Forms and emergency contact information for all students on the trip.

F. Conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

G. Serve as a resource and support for the students who are traveling while creating proper boundaries and maintaining a professional relationship with the students.

H. Coordinate room assignments and keep accurate rooming lists of all students traveling (if staying overnight).

I. Not share a room with students.

J. Maintain continual communication with appropriate university officials responsible for student travel (including but not limited to your immediate supervisor).


Adopted 9/29/11


 Last Modified 6/5/18