Research Poster Printing Service


Terms and Conditions

  • Posters will only be printed for research that is to be presented (at a conference, Undergraduate Research Day, etc...). Please note that this DOES NOT include project assignments due for a class .

  • SG will not edit your posters.  The file that is submitted is the file that is printed.

  • Only 2 posters will be printed per student each semester.

  • Poster files must be submitted at least five (5) business days in advance.

How to Request Poster Printing Service

    1. Click here to complete a poster printing form.

    2. Please ensure that you upload a copy of the file to be used to generate your poster.

    3. The SG Office will contact you within 24 hours confirming receipt of your request.

    4. The SG Office will notify you when your poster is ready for pick up.

Acceptable  Formats for Print Jobs

PDF files formatted in one of the following sizes are acceptable formats for print request:

36"W X 24"L

36"W X 48"L

Please note we will not reformat or edit your work.  We print as it is submitted.

 Please contact Student Government Poster Printing at  or 561-297-3735 for questions regarding poster printing.


 Last Modified 5/3/16