Boca Raton Legislative Branch


6th Legislative Session


BRHB-11-32: Interfaith Programing
BRHB-12-01: Writing Center Printer
BRHB-12-02: FAU Spell Out Event
BRHB-12-05: Night Owls Golf Carts
BRHB-12-06: New Printer for Student Government
BRHB-12-07: Don't Stress Out, Be in Zen Mode
BRHB-12-08: Boca Raton Budget Allocations
BRHB-12-10: Dare to be Prepared
BRHB-12-11: FAU Army ROTC
BRHB-12-14: Removing Multicultural Programing 2011-2012 Riders
BRHB-12-15: 700 House Statutes Revision
BRHB-12-16: Last Minute Spending


BRHR-12-01: Be More Open To Students
BRHR-12-02: Standing for Students 
BRHR-12-03: Stand Against Green Fee
BRHR-12-05: Preserving a Landmark
BRHR-12-07: New Study Building for Boca Campus
 BRHR-12-08: Repeal Stand Your Ground
BRHR-12-09: Protect and Acknowledge Gender Identity at FAU
BRHR -12-10: Thank You Heather Bishara

7th Legislative Session


BRHB- 12-01: Student Juried Art Exhibition
BRHB- 12-02: Extended Exam Week Library Hours  
BRHB- 12-03: All Night Study Lounge Renovation
BRHB- 12-04: Breezeway Food Court Microwave
BRHB 13-02 Boca Raton Campus Budget Allocation for Fiscal Year 2013-2014
BRHB 13-03 Microwaves in the Breezeway
BRHB 13-04 Student Government Banquet
BRHB 13-05 Wagons for the Dorms
BRHB 13-06 Undergraduate Research Synopsis
BRHB 13-07 New Technology for Students
BRHB 13-08 Scantrons for Students
BRHB 13-09 Umbrellas for Tradtions Plaza
BRHB 13-10 FAU Army ROTC Cadet Club
BRHB 13-11 Move in Day SG Starter Kits
BRHB 13-13 Tent for Get Wow'd Event


BRHR - 12-02: Walk with Ease

BRHR 13-07 School Supply Vending Machine

BRHR 13-08 Owls in Favor of Caption Titles for Students Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

BRHR 13-09 Honoring the Veterans who have Fought for our Freedom

BRHR 13-10 Support for Dailogue and Understanding

 Last Modified 9/7/16