Student Government Training Retreats

SG training retreats are provided each spring semester for newly elected executive branch officers and each fall semester for newly elected legislative officers, executive appointments and SG program leaders.

Training retreats are a statutorily mandated activity and are coordinated by the university-wide SG Training Committee.  Team building, leadership skills, ethical decision making, roles and expectations, and appropriate budget expenditures are just a few of the topics covered in SG training retreats each year.

Parliamentary Procedure Workshops

Campus House Speakers coordinate parliamentary procedure (Robert's Rules) training workshops for Campus House Representatives every semester.  Contact your House Speaker for more information.

In-Service Workshops

The SG Advisors coordinate a series of in-service workshops with the direction of the SG Training Committee.  These workshops are designed to provide Student Government leaders with opportunities to hone their skills in meeting managements, fiscal management, group dynamics and team building, public speaking, anti-bias awareness, legal issues, media relations, and other areas.  Contact your SG Advisor for more information, to suggest an in-service topic, or to volunteer for the SG Training Committee.

Student Leadership Conference

The FAU Student Leadership Conference is a day-long program that allows students to improve their leadership skills and network with other students and organizations on campus.  The conference invites nationally recognized keynote speakers and provides a variety of breakout sessions facilitated on by FAU faculty and staff, as well as local community leaders.

Program tracks within the conference schedule are designed to meet the needs of specific populations on campus such as students involved in Fraternity and Sorority Life, registered clubs & organization leaders, Student Government leaders, and new students.  At the end of the program, students have the opportunity to register to participate in one of two Student Leadership Institutes that meet monthly under the advisement of FAU staff.

Our fifth annual Student Leadership Conference was held on Saturday, September 22, 2012 in the Boca Raton Student Union.  The FAU Student Leadership Conference is fully funded by Student Government.

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