Key Phone Numbers

Please send us an email. Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate student leader or staff advisor by the Director of Student Government. Or you can call us at one of the on-campus phone numbers below:

Student Government Main Office, Boca Raton Campus, (561) 297-3740

Student Government Main Office, Fax (561) 297-3771

SG Accounting and Budget Office, Boca Raton Campus, (561) 297-6775

Student Body President, Boca Raton Campus, (561) 297-3746

Student Body Vice President, Boca Raton Campus, (561) 297-3748

Chief Justice of the Student Court, Boca Raton Campus, (561) 297-1031

Elections Office, Boca Raton Campus, (561) 297-1357

Graduate Student Association Main Office, Boca Raton Campus, (561) 297-1170

University Press, Boca Raton Campus, (561) 297-2960

Owl TV, Boca Raton Campus, (561) 297-0037

Owl Radio, Boca Raton Campus, (561) 297-3751

Boca Raton Campus Governor, (561) 297-3747

Boca Raton Speaker of the House, (561) 297-6185

Broward Campuses Governor, Davie Campus, (954) 236-1158

Broward Campuses Speaker of the House, Davie Campus, (954) 236-1255

MacArthur Campus Governor, (561) 799-8591

MacArthur Campus Speaker of the House, (561) 799-8584

 Last Modified 11/8/16